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Women Empowerment in India – Insights of an HR-Manager

Women Empowerment in India – Insights of an HR-Manager

Women Empowerment is a fundamental imperative for any organization that is progressive and inclusive in its people management strategies. From boardroom discussions, message boards to online platforms, dialogues on creating better workplaces for women and how to tap into women’s leadership are gaining momentum. Organizations are making great strides towards empowering women at the workplace: Extended maternity leaves, more flexible working hours for mothers who return from maternity leaves, employee sensitization and prevention of sexual harassment, closing pay gaps, and equal career opportunities. This is some of the givens for an organization that is committed to creating an equal opportunity space for women to succeed at the workplace.

Talent, Support and a positive outlook on life

I chose Human Resources management as my professional calling more than 16 years ago. From an early age, the most valuable lesson that I learned is to avail all the opportunities for inspiration that life offered to me. Such as seeking guidance from teachers and mentors, and later in life, from my workplace managers and colleagues, in order to better me as an individual and as a professional. I clearly understood that my talent alone would not suffice in helping me reach the levels of professional success that I aspired to achieve –and that I had to learn to seize every opportunity for growth that life threw at me. This personal philosophy applies to both my career as an HR professional and to my personal life as a daughter, wife and mother. What has helped on the way is the unflinching support from my family for my career choices. The importance of a robust family support system for women’s success in the workplace cannot be emphasized enough!

The Juggling with the hats

It has been important for me to be aware of myself as a unique individual and enforce personal empowerment throughout my career and life. Every day, I juggle multiple roles as a mother, wife and a professional. Clarity of purpose, both at a personal and professional level has been my driving force in wearing these different hats. Therefore, success, for me, is not only about ascending in the organizational hierarchy, but it is also about giving adequate support to my family and continuing to evolve myself as a human being.

Full Empowerment with the right partner

TÜV Rheinland India, as a workplace, has both challenged me as well as fostered a work environment that helped me overcome these challenges. This workplace has enabled me to make positive choices, set goals and define my own professional space and identity in the organization. In this workplace, one has the freedom, and the responsibility that comes with this freedom, to hold difficult conversations and take tough stands with managers and colleagues.

TÜV Rheinland India provides a platform for me to hone my skills in human resource management. I have had the freedom to speak for myself, be it asking for additional responsibilities or take a stand on improving organizational practices. I am fortunate to work with managers and colleagues who are willing to go beyond the confines of their job responsibilities – to support me in a manner that makes me believe that I can make a difference with my decisions. This freedom to be whom I want to be at the workplace has made me a much better contributor to the organization’s growth and with career prospects at par with all colleagues at TÜV Rheinland India.

Become your own Superwoman

I believe women possess greater powers of acceptance and adjustment that make us successful in any sphere of life. As women, we need to empower ourselves with the ability to identify and utilize opportunities that are presented to us in life, be clear about who we are, what our values are and not let others define us.

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