Everything is different this year – Yes, we know! We don’t need to talk about that anymore. Now is the time for creative alternatives to the classic on-site office party. Why not have a virtual Christmas party?

Ideas for your Christmas program

Our team has planned a digital Christmas party this year and I’m already looking forward to it! A Christmas party is usually meant to be a casual get together. Sometimes fancier, sometimes more casual but the important thing is that you are together.

In general, you should discuss topics such as the dress code and the general schedule with your team beforehand:

  1. Is it okay to wear one’s favorite Christmas sweater or should it be a little fancier?
  2. Are you planning a joint activity or are you just chatting casually?
  3. And what about food and drinks?

Our team has agreed that we would like to spend a casual evening together. Preferably with a Christmas outfit, but that is not a requirement. As far as food and drink are concerned, it’s up to the individual. It also depends on the time, whether you want to have a cozy round of cookies or fine drinks and appetizers.

We thought about playing something together. Games like Skribble are a good idea here, where someone has to draw given words and everyone else can guess using the chat. But also charades or taboo would be potential games that are digitally possible. If you want to make the whole thing more of a team-building activity, you could prepare boxes that are sent to all employees in advance and contain materials for a joint baking or craft activity. Or how about a small award show? All team members vote anonymously and crown the most beautiful Christmas outfit, the most festive video background and the quirkiest Christmas mug.

Virtual Christmas party – tips on how to behave

How do I behave at an online Christmas party? What do I need to consider? Here are the most important questions and answers for you.

How do you get started with an event like this?

Generally, everyone involved knows each other, but a little small talk to get things started until everyone is here won’t hurt. You can gladly do without work-related topics. After all, this day is not about work.

Do I give a gift to my colleagues or my supervisor?

Handle it the way you feel most comfortable. There is no obligation. In the current situation, you just have to remember to get the gifts to the post office on time.

Liquor at the company Christmas party – Yes or No?

You should always keep in mind that you are still together with your colleagues and not with your buddies in the pub. Maybe even the supervisor is there and you should keep that in mind so that you can still look each other in the eyes the next day at work. It’s best to discuss the topic in advance so that everyone can stick to the points discussed together.

When is it ok to say goodbye and go offline?

With a digital Christmas party like this, it’s hard to predict how long it will last. It is important to distinguish whether the party takes place during working hours or during your free time. During working hours, don’t cut out early. If the celebration takes place during free time, just listen to your gut feeling. Of course it’s a shame if someone logs out after a very short time. But in general, you should just see how the day/evening unfolds and stay as long as you enjoy it.

A merry get together

I hope I was able to give you some ideas for your digital company Christmas party. Even though everything will be different this year, a virtual Christmas party also has its advantages.

Normally, at such celebrations, you don’t always necessarily manage to have a chat with everyone present. This is different here. Of course, not everyone can talk at once, but there will be a joint conversation, which also offers opportunities. In any case, a plus point for the virtual Christmas party.

In the end, each team should make its own concept and just have a good time together.

On that note – have fun at your virtual Christmas party. 🎅🤶


Lisa Melzer

Lisa Melzer

Personnel officer recruiting

Lisa Melzer’s area of expertise as a personnel officer recruiting is the automotive sector. Already during her dual studies at a car dealership, the native of Cologne recruited technicians and engineers. For TÜV Rheinland she is on the lookout for talents in the field of vehicle testing and driver’s license examinations. Besides her passion for traveling, she is a real nature lover and enjoys hiking or spending time in the garden with her dog.

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