Six months. That’s almost 180 days. Quite a long time for an internship. And yet time went by very quickly.

Back when I was an intern…

It seems to me as if it had been yesterday when I waited in the foyer of the TÜV Rheinland skyscraper for someone to pick me up. Did I dress correctly? Did I take enough deodorant against the excitement? Apparently everything worked out. The first stand-up, our daily conference in the newsroom, was completely new for me. So many strange faces who exchanged thoughts about the most important topics around TÜV Rheinland. Of course, I wasn’t able to contribute anything to the discussion back then. I didn’t even know what to expect from my daily tasks. The first time I went out to eat with my colleagues in the canteen I asked myself: What should I choose? The choice seemed huge.

After lunch we went up to the 16th floor again, more Introduction dates were on the agenda. I was given information and techniques that are essential for my work today. But at some point you have to learn them. And what did I learn in the Days after that? A LOT of Social Media, press releases, presentations and everything to support my colleagues. That’s what I’m here for. After a few weeks, I was even allowed to take part in a video shoot. And shortly afterwards I was scheduled to visit the convention for the first time.

As of today: Student assistant in the social media sector

Today everything happens routinely. Now that I’ve finished my internship, I’m a student assistant at TÜV Rheinland. I can no longer be in the newsroom every day during the lecture period, but this will certainly change during the semester break. I now find my way to the elevator to the right floor with my eyes blindfolded. Unless I make a mistake when choosing the floor – yes, that’s still happening. Just like on the first working days.

The stand-up has become the only constant in my daily work. Every day at 09:30 there is the TÜV Rheinland Update. Meanwhile I can also contribute something to it. A few hours later, it’s off to the cafeteria. The selection is still large and the value for money is first-class. The days of despair when I couldn’t make up my mind have become a thing of the past. This is certainly also due to the fact that I can look at the food in advance on the intranet.

A student job with real tasks and without boredom

Besides lunch and stand-up there are other appointments that fit into my schedule. Not as many as in the beginning, but certainly enough to stay up to date with my projects. At the end of my internship in January I visited a convention again. I visited the “Toy Fair” in faraway Nuremberg and did a story takeover on Instagram. I have taken on many of my daily tasks in my job as a student assistant. Few of them had to be re-planned due to my working hours. And there are more and more tasks that never make my workday boring.


Tim Hartmann

Tim Hartmann


Tim is an intern in the TÜV Rheinland newsroom. Here he supports social media work, press releases, video shoots and much more. In his spare time he likes to go to the cinema. Whether drama, action or comedy – the main thing is that he regularly has the smell of popcorn and a big screen in front of his nose. Because of the daily train ride from Düsseldorf to Cologne Tim is a real commuter professional! Among other things, he will tell you about his experiences on his daily commute to work.

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