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Shooting an Image Film as a Social Media Manager

Shooting an Image Film as a Social Media Manager

Remember the big dance performance of your daughter? Click. Or that important football match of your son? Click. Videos are digital memories that we can access anytime. Even for those who could not be present at the event. But videos are not only important in private life.

Especially for companies the importance of videos rises significantly compared to other options and formats be it product videos, tutorials or image films.

Even at TÜV Rheinland we constantly hear: “You social media managers could just shoot a video” or “Do you not have a film about that topic?” Needless to say, we are glad that this format is continually becoming more important and is being accepted since our analysis is confirming this development.

No other medium is able to gain a comparable number of likes, shares or comments. As the social media team, we gladly support the other departments and provide helpful tips and tricks regarding the production of videos. I will have to admit though that we cannot compare to Steven Spielberg or Roland Emmerich, nor can we offer a complete TÜV Rheinland video library (yet). Every department has to face the challenge and is responsible for the production of their own marketing formats. In this post, I would like to show precisely how this process is anchored at TÜV Rheinland.


Two questions should be answered prior to shooting the film:

  1. Who is the target demographic?
  2. On which channel/platform should the video be posted?

These guidelines essentially determine the length, format and the effort put into the production. Then a storyboard should be written. The storyboard depicts the topic scene by scene and explains the sequence of the video. The storyboard also helps with structuring the various ideas. If the video is going to be an interview, it is of advantage to formulate the questions and answers beforehand. Of course, there is also an exception to every rule. Formulating the questions and answers beforehand is not needed If the interviewee is experienced enough and is not doing it for the first time. Usually, there is a narrator who accompanies the video and, if need be, provides further background information. All these thoughts and ideas are implemented into the Storyboard and will be supplemented with placeholder scenes should the need arise.

Social Media Manager bei der Arbeit


Once the storyboard is written, a search engine optimization has to follow. This happens via an external agency. Why does it have to be optimized? Every video will be posted on the TÜV Rheinland YouTube channel because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google. This means that visitors all around the globe will search for information on YouTube. Our videos are no exceptions. They are supposed to be found! The agency’s task is to find relevant keywords and to tag the videos with them. This way, the system will recognize the video as relevant for a certain topic and therefore present them in the search results. Once the SEO-agency (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) has optimized the storyboard, the social media manager has to change the texts once more if needed. As soon as everything has been taken care of you are good to go!

Have you ever wondered how a video is made and what you have to pay attention to when it comes to editing? Read on, our second part will show you everything you need to know!

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