Shooting an Image Film as a Social Media Manager pt. 2 - TÜV Rheinland

Shooting an Image Film as a Social Media Manager pt. 2

Shooting an Image Film as a Social Media Manager pt. 2

In the first part I explained how to write a storyboard and why SEO is needed regarding social media videos. In the second part I will provide insight into the video shoot and editing. 

Social Media Film Production

Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone instead of a film crew consisting of two to three members with very expensive equipment. Hard to believe but smartphone cameras are powerful enough and the quality certainly suffices for the internet. However, anybody who wants to shoot social media videos successfully needs the following accessories: two smartphones with tripods, a separate microphone and an external light. If there is still some money left then an image stabilizer is very much worth it. The image stabilizer will ensure that the movements are smooth and the shot is in balance. It’s the only way to get shots that are not blurry. The batteries should obviously be charged. If you want to be on the safe side then bring a powerbank and the charge cable with you. Make sure your devices have enough memory since it’s pretty time-consuming to delete old takes just so you can record for another minute. You should stay in a quiet area while shooting the film. Even though you have a separate microphone, a loud AC will completely ruin your interview or even the whole video. You should choose a neutral background with a good exposure to light. A white wall will do the trick just fine. External headlights can also help with the lighting. Social Media Videos have to be recorded horizontally. For the best quality we recommend to shoot the takes in 1080p 60fps. Once everything has been taken care of, you can start recording!


Once the video is shot it needs to be edited. Now comes the hardest part of the job. Editing can take a whole day or more until the social media video is perfect. The challenge is to make a coherent, dynamic film out of the several “raw” takes. Individual scenes are not only put together and shortened but music is  also added along with animations, video effects or filters. Practice makes perfect!

Social Media Video Schnitt

Once the project is finished, we send the file to the agency. The agency checks whether the video is CD-compliant, adds an endcard, designs the thumbnail and finally uploads the social media film on the TÜV Rheinlad YouTube channel.

For recently uploaded videos on YouTube, it is recommended to turn on ads. Even with a small budget (ca. 200€) you can significantly increase the visibility of your video. Speaking of experience, alot of views should be generated in the beginning. YouTube will then recognize the video as relevant when something similair is being searched and will rank it higher in the search results even after the ads are turned off.

In the very beginning you should make use of other marketing campaings at the same time such as hyperlinks in newsletters and blog posts, sharing through other social media platforms or embedding your video on a landing page. This will ensure a high and steady traffic of users.

Talking about traffic, check out our own channel on! Likes, comments and, of course, subscriptions are much appreciated.

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