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Project Engineer for Mobility Certification

Project Engineer for Mobility Certification

I started my career as a project engineer in the certification industry two years ago. I just graduated my study of Electrical and Information engineering and was looking for my first job position as an Engineer. My interest in the certification field was no coincidence.

Practice makes engineer

It was my university advisor who recommended me to look into the certification industry. And since then, I became interested in it. In preparation for my future job, I started to perform actual experiments and to create related tech-notes. By not just memorizing to take exams, my understanding of my major naturally improved. Besides, I enhanced my English skills by talking with foreign friends.

Skills over test scores

I think actual skills that are applicable in the workplace are more important than test scores. So, I rather applied with a portfolio of my extra efforts and experiences than a high TOEIC score (Test of English for International Communication is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers).

For my application I had to be a bit patient. Foreign companies don´t have the concept of open recruitments. That’s why I bookmarked four certification agencies I was interested in and checked every day to see if there were any new job postings. The biggest European certification body was TÜV Rheinland, so I naturally wanted to start a career here – duh.

My job interview for project engineer

Luckily, I was invited to a Job interview. The interviewer started right away with questions about my major and English skills. Nothing having to do with the usual routine of the “one-minute-introduction” and the “what-is-your-lifestory”. The most memorable part: I was given a copy of the original English text of a law and was asked to translate it on the spot.

You can tell – I was a little surprised! But I confidently presented it in the best way I could and I think the interviewer liked that about me. And that was the start of my career as a project engineer for mobility Engineering & Type Approval at TÜV Rheinland Korea.

In the next blogpost I´ll tell you more about my job as a project engineer in the certification industry and which skills you need.

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