Project engineer for Mobility Certification Part 2 - TÜV Rheinland

Project engineer for Mobility Certification Part 2

Project engineer for Mobility Certification Part 2

In my last blogpost I told you how my career as a project engineer in the certification industry started. You can read it here. Now I want to tell you more about my job tasks and what skills you need.

3 Points for Mobility Certification

The Mobility Engineering & Type Approval carries out the regulations and certification management on the export of automobiles and automobile-related parts. It can be split into three tasks:
1. We ensure the compliance of European regulations and certification management
2. We help certification processes for exportation to non-European countries such as Brazil and Indonesia
3. We conduct training such as technical consulting and electric vehicle safety education

I´m in charge of automobile certification in European countries usually called WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval).

Skills as a project engineer

It is my task together with my team to certify the complete car itself. After that we send the test results to the European government and the final certification is done in a European body. So, we are in charge of the process up to the stage of the certificate issuance.
Therefore, we communicate with many European institutions and business English skills are a must. Besides that, we need to read and judge the original text of European law, so English comprehension abilities are also essential. It´s really important to interpret the text accurately and understand the nuances because the strength of the enforcement varies depending on each verb.

The technical understanding does not have to be on the same level as an automotive engineer. As an engineering student you are qualified to apply. Even if you are unfamiliar with the field, it is possible to learn quickly if you have a solid understanding of your major.

What I value about my employer

The most rewarding moment of my job as a project engineer is when I hear news that the vehicles we certified received favorable reputation in Europe. Besides, I have some colleagues who love cars and are very proud that they can see the inside of the cars before everyone else 😉

The atmosphere in the team is very open and motivating. We have a horizontal and flexible organizational culture. Regardless of age or position, new employees can actively participate in projects as well as lead them. We have flexible working hours. I have to be at work between seven and nine o´clock, so I don´t have to worry about being late. We can use the annual holidays freely. And every Friday is “Casual Friday” which means we can come to work in a comfortable outfit.

If you are an independent person and wish to build a career in an industry that is both professional and stable – knock on TÜV Rheinland Korea´s door.

Job seekers, good luck!

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