TÜV Rheinland has stood for safety in society since it was founded 150 years ago. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can feel safe, regardless of their orientation, origin or other characteristic. This year, colleagues were again actively involved in the CSD and celebrated Pride Month.

What does Pride Month mean?

Pride Month does not mean presenting all LGBT+ issues in 30 days and staying quiet for the remaining eleven months of the year. Pride Month commemorates a month in 1969 when the New York riots took place. Pride Month is every month of the year. That’s why we have taken to the streets aggressively. We, the TÜV Rheinland employees. We the lesbians, the gays, the bi-, the trans- and the intersexuals, the queer people and the families of our colleagues as well as our allies. We take to the streets because human rights are at stake. Rights that everyone in the world must have. Rights to equal treatment, rights to have one’s identity recognized, rights to integrity, rights to adopt and rights to live.

Just having the assurance of being safe in the workplace, safe from hostility and from attacks is a comforting feeling for some LGBT+ employees. What seems self-evident to us (in Germany) is far from self-evident elsewhere. And that is exactly why we have to make an effort and show initiative. Especially for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Pride Month commemorates a month in 1969 when the New York riots took place.

Appreciation for all

We have to show attitude and we have to show how much we value our colleagues. This is worth going out on the streets for, even in the rain, even in 30°C, even if the invitation to brunch is more tempting. Visibility is a key to countering crime and oppression. Visibility at work, visibility among acquaintances and friends, visibility in public. The Worldwide CSD Parades are a means to create this visibility. Loud and proud, demanding and not asking, with all the colorful diversity of identities. The Cologne CSD and the Berlin CSD are good examples for the lived representation of interests and how different this is.

What all CSDs in the world have in common, however, is the fact that people stand up, that people participate, that people stand up for others and take to the streets for their rights and show attitude! These people are for me a great role model! Because change only happens through active action. And of course these role models also come from our ranks, they are part of the TÜV Rheinland family and convey their and our values.

Just like 150 years ago, it is still true today that we make the world safer for people through our actions. So don’t stop there, make every month a Pride Month, stand up for each other, become visible and support each other.


Wolfgang Schwarz-Heim

Wolfgang Schwarz-Heim


In addition to his leadership role and the diverse areas of responsibility as Business Process Manager, Wolfgang values the opportunity to work with colleagues across national borders on exciting projects.

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