LinkedIn has 722 million users worldwide. Of these, 15 million are in the DACH region – and the trend is rising. Why is LinkedIn so popular?

Optimize your LinkedIn profile – it’s worth it

Simply because LinkedIn is the social network platform if you want to build business relationships. If you are registered on LinkedIn, many opportunities open up to you: Build your own network, showcase your expertise and establish your own personal brand. You can read about how to develop your personal brand in my blog article – click here.

LinkedIn has been adopting successful functions from other social networks for some time. For example, people can be “tagged” in pictures, a function we know from Facebook. Or so-called ” stories” can be uploaded in the LinkedIn app, which can be viewed for 24 hours. We also know this feature from Instagram or Snapchat, which helps to share news with the network.

Before you can get started on LinkedIn, you need to create a profile. In this article, I’ll explain what you should consider for an optimal profile and why it makes sense to fill certain sections with content.

1. Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words – this also applies to your profile picture. Here you should invest a little money and time to hire a professional photographer. The first impression counts! The outfit should match the professional environment. So please do not upload casual photos. It is also advantageous if you make a relaxed and well-groomed impression on the photo. Plan your photo session so that you don’t arrive stressed and exhausted. And a smile opens many doors, so be friendly and show your best side.

2. Background Photo

In addition to the portrait photo, it is possible to upload a background image. This function is already available in the basic account. You can design the image yourself. However, you will need an image editing program to do this. If you don’t have that, you can also use graphic design platforms. A comprehensive platform is for example There you’ll find numerous templates designed specifically for social media formats – there are even “pre-designed” background images for LinkedIn. Or simply design your own, there are no limits to your imagination! The dimensions are 1,584 x 396 pixels and I have had good experiences with .jpg or .png as a format.

3. Audio Function

I don’t need to explain further that you should include your name here 😉 What I would like to point out, however, is the audio function. You can only use this via the app. This feature allows you to speak your name and possibly a few more descriptions about your function. You have ten seconds. Many consultants and agencies use this time slot to briefly and concisely present the benefits of their services. The advantage for your profile visitors: They will know exactly how your name is pronounced. That’s not always self-explanatory, unless your name is Meier, Müller or Schmitz.

Linkedin Audiofunktion

4. Headline and URL

LinkedIn gives you the option to insert a so-called “headline” under your name. This post is scanned by the bots and the terms are filtered for possible search requests. It is therefore a good idea to enter words that recruiters should use to find you. In addition, you can “enrich” your terms with emojis. Your photo, your name and your headline are also always displayed in the short view when you share posts or write comments. Therefore, the profile headline is an important framework to draw attention to your expertise. You have 120 characters at your disposal! If you create your profile in several languages, you should translate another variant in the chosen language.

5. Summary

In the summary, you can formulate a resume for your personal brand. What do you stand for? What are your messages? What is your personal brand? You have over 2,000 characters at your disposal here. It’s up to you whether you provide very extensive information or prefer to keep your text shorter. Keep in mind that many users use LinkedIn via the app on their smartphones – no one really wants to read long texts on small screens.
Please divide the text into sensible paragraphs and use special characters if possible. You should also consider multiple languages and create two versions if necessary.

6. Experiences

Of course, your professional experience should not be missing from your profile. List your career stages and check whether your (former) employers have created a company profile on LinkedIn. Then you can link this directly and have the company logo integrated. TÜV Rheinland has various company profiles in the regions. The main profile on LinkedIn is “TÜV Rheinland Group“, which many of our employees use. In addition, you can supplement your career history with relevant documents such as case studies, projects, certificates, articles, and professional contributions.

7. Expertise and Endorsement

Linkedin KenntnisseIn the ” Skills & Endorsement ” section, you can list your fields and areas of expertise. LinkedIn will suggest possible skills or you can do your own research in the search box. When contacts visit your profile, they can confirm your top skills and also indicate how they rate them. A little tip: Ask your colleagues at work if they can confirm some of your skills. It will have a positive effect on your visibility on LinkedIn. Another possibility of “social proof” is to post endorsements. At the bottom of your profile, you can get endorsements. Simply click on “Ask for a endorsement” in your profile area and select a supervisor, colleague or business partner. He or she will then receive the request via LinkedIn. Three to five endorsements are sufficient.

8. Featured Box

If you have already published some posts or articles in LinkedIn, you can display them in the “In the publication” area – the so-called “Featured Box”. It is like a showcase where you can present your most important activities. External links (e.g. Youtube), articles (publications or blog articles) or media files (videos) can also be used here.

Linedin Featured Box

9. URL

Everyone who creates a profile on LinkedIn gets their own URL. This consists of the address with the first and last name and a multi-digit number code: Individualize your URL in the settings. For example, you can enter your title or your company. Or you can enter keywords that describe your profession and how you want to be found in possible searches.

10. SSI – Social Selling Index

Do you know your LinkedIn SSI? The SSI is a metric that shows how well you “sell” yourself as a person. It shows how well you are establishing your brand through your activities and relationship building. You can view your SSI at The score is only visible to you.

A professional profile is a good prerequisite for being visible on LinkedIn. However, it is much more important to become active: Build networks, participate in discussions, also share your own posts or publish articles. You will notice how your network grows and you will get the chance to make new business connections.

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Inès Culmey

Inès Culmey


At work, she analyses everything that TÜV Rheinland reveals on the WWW and Social Net. At home, she keeps her children in the picture. Because her son and daughter always come first. When she has time for herself, she enjoys French films or meets with friends.

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