Looking back on my training as an office management clerk, what I learned along the way and how I experienced the last few months during the Corona pandemic.

Plan B for the time after the apprenticeship

A lot has happened since my last post. On January 30, 2020, I successfully completed my training as an office management clerk at TÜV Rheinland. Since a takeover was not in sight, I thought of a plan B: Going to Spain to my relatives and get to know life on a horse farm there.

A surprising offer

But two weeks before I would have left TÜV, one of the kindest people I had the pleasure to meet here came and made me an offer. Lucky me!

Since Anne (Department Manager LGA Products) had already had me as an apprentice for a year and knew about my Plan B, she fulfilled two of my wishes right away: she took me on and presented me with an employment contract for two years within two weeks, and she approved two months of unpaid leave so that I could travel to Spain.


The new work routine with Corona + study

So began a new chapter in my life. At the beginning of February 2020, I went to Spain for five weeks to a horse farm. I was able to learn a lot and gained valuable experience. A whole other world in contrast to everyday office life.

Starting in April, things continued for me in Germany. TÜV was waiting 🙂

Unfortunately, by that time Covid-19 no longer allowed normal working conditions, so I ended up working from home. It was a completely new and different world of communication and work.


But I quickly got used to it. In addition, I was lucky to have a great colleague who helped me a lot, answered my questions with a lot of patience and explained everything over the phone. Thank you Manuela! ❤

Well, I continued my real estate management studies on the side and even took my first exams. Now that the apprenticeship is over, it’s easier to concentrate on it. In addition, my university recognized alot of my modules thanks to the apprenticeship and the appropriate grades.

My apprenticeship – highs and lows

In 2017, I joined this company and started my working career. Now, four years later, when I look back at the time, many good things have happened – as well as not so good things. I always try to deal with negative situations proactively. For example, I ran for apprentice representative to represent our interests before the apprenticeship management. We were able to achieve some things as a stronger trainee community, but you have to pursue your goals and do something yourself…

Berufsschulklasse mit TÜV-Azubis
My vocational school class with the TÜV trainees and I

And thanks to my current department, my colleagues and the working atmosphere there, TÜV remains a good memory for me. I would like to thank you, the LGA and some of the people I got to know during my training! Thanks to you, I had a great four years in Cologne at TÜV Rheinland, despite the ups and downs. ❤

Off to a new adventure

I have made my experiences and learned a lot about this company and also myself. And believe me: There are people everywhere who put obstacles in your way and there are people who help you overcome them.

I will be leaving TÜV this month and embarking on a new adventure related to my studies. So this will be my last blog post.

I hope that I have been able to help some of you with my postings and give you an understanding of everyday life as an apprentice.


Jessica Koslowski

Jessica Koslowski

Order Manager

Jessica Koslowski works as an order manager in the LGA Products department. Her work focuses on the management of travel expenses. A round of fitness or a leisurely cooking session provide a balance to the daily work routine. Her career tip for you is: “Don´t stop when it hurts, stop when you´re done.”

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