Night of Technology 2019 – Success through dedication - TÜV Rheinland

Night of Technology 2019 – Success through dedication

Night of Technology 2019 – Success through dedication

The Night of Technology has been around for ten years and TÜV Rheinland has been there from the very first moment. Because I have been with the company for over 20 years and am responsible for trade fairs, events, and sponsoring, I was able to help launch this special project. What can I say – I have never been bored to this day.

We started with a lot of interest and even more enthusiasm for the new format. Given that most people perceive us only as car inspectors, we found it exciting to present TÜV Rheinland and its services from a different perspective.

Challenges of an event

We welcomed 1,100 visitors to TÜV Rheinland for the Night of Technology. There was a choice of 55 guided tours with 20-25 people each, almost all of which were fully booked up to the end. We were particularly pleased with the positive feedback – 95 percent enjoyed their visit!

Guided tour in Newsroom

Behind such a great track record is, of course, a lot of work. As a project manager for such an event, I am the contact person for both internal colleagues and external suppliers. It is important to keep an eye on these interfaces. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, safety aspects must also be taken into account. The job of an event manager is to be even familiar with emergency management, event technology, and occupational safety. After all, everything is live, there is no second attempt.

The best: my dedicated colleagues

A special highlight during the preparations for the Night of Technology 2019 was the collaboration with other departments. Here, in addition to the functions and benefits of the products, I learned many exciting and often funny stories about our examinations and the everyday work of my colleagues. I was amazed at how much research, creativity, and passion the teams brought with them, and was carried away by their stories, even though I sometimes didn’t understand a thing.

But it is precisely these stories that also interest and captivate private visitors to the Night of Technology! They not only want to see and understand how an inspection is conducted, they also want to get to know people and their daily challenges. No matter if you are a colleague, a friend, family or an external visitor, everyone will be proudly shown the campus, the great cafeteria with its terrace and the different and modern workplaces. Thus, supposedly dull technical topics suddenly become human and likeable – and the triad of people, technology, and the environment becomes clear.

Demonstration virtual welding

Therefore, it is above all the interested and committed employees behind the scenes who present the company from its best side and have made the Night of Technology 2019 in Cologne a successful event.

Till next Night of Technology!

Even after 20 years, I still enjoy planning and organising events at TÜV Rheinland. Events like The Night of Technology are a good opportunity to tell stories about complex content. Personal contact creates greater familiarity with customers and applicants. With this in mind, I am already looking forward to June 18, 2021, when we open our doors again to the visitors of the Night of Technology.

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Aleksandra Efimcuk

Author Astrid Dorsch

Astrid Dorsch is Head of Corporate Sponsoring in the newsroom at TÜV Rheinland. In addition to her job, she also organizes events such as Technology Night or the employee summer party. Born in Hamburg and raised in Cologne, she has made traveling the center of her professional and private life. She tries to incorporate as much culture, sport and enjoyment as possible in her travels. Politically, professionally and privately, she firmly believes in community and is a passionate networker. She likes to be wherever new topics or open-minded and interesting people can be found.

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  • Simone Zanfrini
  • Celina Schäfer
  • Alexander Voß
  • Viktoria Kux
  • Christian Rudnick
  • Jörg Theophil
  • Wolfgang Schwarz-Heim
  • Daniel Winter
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Michaela Kalb
Communication Manager
Simone Zanfrini
Project Coordinator HR Development & Diversity
Celina Schäfer
Auszubildende zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement
Alexander Voß
kfm. Großkundenbetreuer (Key Account)
Viktoria Kux
Social Media Expertin
Christian Rudnick
Gebietsleiter Leverkusen
Jörg Theophil
Projektmanager / Solar/Fuelcell Technology Greater China
Wolfgang Schwarz-Heim
Business Prozess Manager, Führungsposition im Unternehmensbereich Academy & Life Care
Daniel Winter
Teamkoordinator im Bereich Electrical / Produkte und Projektleiter in einem vom Bund geförderten Forschungsprojekt GIGA PV (Photovoltaik)
Franziska Weiser
Junior Consultant, Optimierung von Betrieb und Instandhaltung im Bereich Mobility - Rail

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