Joining as a working student after the mandatory internship – that’s how it was with me. How I got there and what I particularly like about my job I will tell you in my post.

Environmental Engineering – a short overview

I am currently a master student in environmental engineering in the beautiful Hessian student city of Darmstadt. A degree in environmental engineering initially consists of a lot of theory. In the Bachelor’s undergraduate program, the main focus is on physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, and heat and mass transfer. Later on, the subjects of measurement and process engineering, sustainable energy use, environmental assessment, business administration, spatial and infrastructure planning as well as supply and disposal are added. After the bachelor’s degree, it is possible to acquire further and detailed knowledge with a master’s degree and, if you are interested and perform well, to do a PhD afterwards.

The quick and easy way to your internship

I became aware of TÜV Rheinland towards the end of my Bachelor’s degree. The reason is that my engineering studies include a twelve-week mandatory internship. After a short research on the Internet and a little brainstorming at my desk at home, I came across TÜV Rheinland. To be precise, I came across TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH, which is part of the umbrella organization TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.

The career website for students was designed very clearly and so I could find a contact person quite fast. I immediately sent out a short and concise e-mail and had a job interview within only 14 days. Even after that everything went very quickly and I was part of the team.

until a job interview

Working student job and studies perfectly combined

During my internship it became clear that I enjoy the daily tasks and working in a team and that I could learn a lot. The end of the story – after my twelve-week mandatory internship I became a permanent member of the team and have been working as a student assistant for almost two years now, alongside my studies, in a great team with a very good working atmosphere.

I can arrange my working hours very freely and my studies are also taken into consideration. I have the possibility to be on site for a full day or just half a day. During the exam phases I only need to consult briefly with my direct supervisor and the team and can adapt my working hours flexibly to my learning phases.

Work independently with a great team at your side

One of my most important tasks is – attention officialese incoming – the support in an accredited measuring station in the field of air pollution control, which is approved and accredited according to the German §29b Federal Immission Control Act (§29b Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz). My scope of duties includes the implementation of emission measurements as well as functional tests and calibrations of continuous emission measuring devices. I particularly like the fact that I am allowed to carry out tasks independently and that a lot of trust is placed in me.

I very much appreciate the working together as a team, which consists of a good mix of young and old, and the frequent contact with different customer groups and industries. Of course I also like the demanding engineering work, which always requires full attention.

My plan for the future? TÜV Rheinland!


Dennis Höhn

Dennis Höhn

working student at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH

Dennis Höhn is a working student at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH and lives in Rüsselsheim am Main, the birthplace of the car manufacturer Opel. His tasks include carrying out emission measurements and functional tests and calibrating emission measuring equipment. In his free time he enjoys sports – he is an avid runner and has been playing field hockey for almost two decades. His career tip is also his life motto and reads: Only those who swim against the current can reach the source. Remember: dead fish drift to the sea.

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