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Mentoring Program for Women – Promoting Networking

Mentoring Program for Women – Promoting Networking

Here in the second part of my blog post I tell you about the many advantages of the TAFF Mentoring Program for women. And I’ll give you a few tips for networking.
You can read part 1 here.

Open communication – a win-win situation for everyone

From my first year as a mentor, I took many interesting aspects with me and benefited from them myself. It is an exchange of experiences, characterized by mutual respect, trust and openness.

Especially important for me: communication and feedback. The topic of communication is unfortunately neglected in many places in everyday professional life. Through the mentoring program for women, both mentee and mentor create the space to talk, discuss, and exchange experiences. It is not only through this dialogue that my knowledge of my colleagues’ work grows, but above all my understanding of other activities. This kind of “cooperation” motivates and inspires me immensely and it is simply fun to support and learn from colleagues who are passionate about their work.

Using the opportunities of networking

Two things that women in particular should be aware of when networking:
1. Contacts and the resulting relationships are an important part of professional success.
2. As long as women leave the field to men in networking, it will be harder for us in our daily work 🙂
So we should also actively use the mentoring program for women to network. Good relationships with customers or suppliers facilitate good communication and ensure that everything runs smoothly. In an emergency, you can count on support.

Networking – a small excursion

Men usually “network” more successfully than women. Women have room for improvement here. That’s why we need to adapt to men in this respect – but in our own way. We don’t have to copy the way men establish new contacts, but their carefree initiation is successful. We must acknowledge this without envy.

The easiest way for us women to find a connection within a discussion group is to ask questions. Intelligent questions on the topic just discussed work miraculously. They signal interest to the other person in the group. We all know that everyone is pleased about interest in their person. Which brings me to Friedemann Schulz von Thun, but this clearly goes too far here and will perhaps be deepened in a next blog. (End of excursion)

Network! At TÜV Rheinland, for example, also via the Lunchmates platforms.


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Author: Stefanie Ott

Stefanie Ott is Business Officer Marketing at the business field “Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity”. Besides the classic marketing topics, her heart beats for employer branding. “Here I can contribute not only my knowledge in marketing, but also my previous experience in personnel development. That’s a perfect combination for me.” Born in Saarland, she is the mother of two children and loves to travel privately with the whole family to arouse and promote interest and openness for other cultures among the children. When there is some time left besides family and job, she loves running or relaxes with music.

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