Meeting with the cook trainees and commercial trainees - TÜV Rheinland

Meeting with the cook trainees and commercial trainees

Meeting with the cook trainees and commercial trainees

Last Monday, 26 August 2019, I was able to meet many new faces of the TÜV Rheinland trainee family. For the first time in my three-year apprenticeship as an office management clerk, I met with the cook apprentices in Cologne. Together with Mrs. Stefanie Groß, our training manager and kitchen manager Miguel Contreras, we presented the class representative model to the kitchen trainees.

Class representative or trainee representative?

What does class representative model mean? About a year ago, we trainees held an election for the “class representative “. Everyone could voluntarily be nominated and then had to be elected as class representative by the trainees. I was chosen and I took over the office with great pleasure.

What are my tasks? In general, they are the same as those of a youth or trainee representative. For example, I am allowed to participate in the meetings of the works council. Since these usually take place on the day of the week when I have vocational school, I can only attend the meetings during the holidays. I have already flown twice with the works council of my company in Cologne to our location in Berlin to discuss plans and projects with works council members.

Flughafen Jessica Koslowski

In addition, I deal with all kinds of trainee issues. If a trainee has a problem and does not want to clarify it directly with the training manager or the works council, I am the next contact person who is happy to mediate and help.

Trainee meeting with the cook-trainees

After about 20 minutes we were alone and were able to get to know each other better.
You wouldn’t believe how many nice, friendly and different people work at TÜV Rheinland. After all the questions about my position as class representative had been answered, we talked about the training of the cooks. I was able to get to know a completely different view of training at TÜV Rheinland. The cook apprentices from TÜV Rheinland made a positive impression on me and they couldn’t find any criticism of the training model.

Before this meeting I didn’t know much about this department of the company. Now I know: TÜV Rheinland is currently training six chefs, the daily routine is structured and the atmosphere among the trainees is very harmonious and friendly.
For me, it was a great experience to meet more trainees in Cologne, as it allowed me to get to know new faces and new perspectives.


At the end we took a picture together! 🙂

Trainee meeting with the commercial trainees

After the meeting with the cook apprentices, I went straight on to the next appointment: I got to know all the commercial apprentices.
Mrs. Groß followed our request that all trainees get to know each other from the beginning, so that the community among us can grow together faster and stronger. After a short introduction we were able to talk to the trainees from the first year of apprenticeship and exchange experiences and impressions
My impression of this meeting? Very positive! Now we know all the trainees and a feeling of community has developed.. 🙂

Köln Jessica Koslowski

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how the class representative election came about and what my personal conclusion was after two years at TÜV Rheinland.

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