Mechatronics Technician Trainee – professionally integrated as a refugee - TÜV Rheinland

Mechatronics Technician Trainee – professionally integrated as a refugee

Mechatronics Technician Trainee – professionally integrated as a refugee

My name is Abdal Rahman Alawad, I am 25 years old and come from Syria. I studied environmental engineering in Syria for a year. I had a lot of fun studying. Due to the war I had to stop my studies. I arrived in Germany on April 9, 2015. I was a bit scared – new life and new country.

Language courses and internship at TÜV Rheinland

From January to October 2016 I attended an integration course, which I completed with language level B1. I met new and nice people there. I thought that was great. Then I acquired the language level B2 at the IHK in Cologne. From October 2017 to August 2018 I completed an entry qualification at Ford Werke GmbH. I got to know the basics of metal processing, such as sawing, filing and drilling. This experience helped me to learn the German language and gave me an insight into the dual training system in Germany.
I have a great interest in mechanics and electronics. The profession of mechatronics engineer covers both interests well. I am also challenged in this demanding profession. The IHK Foundation has proposed TÜV Rheinland to me. So, I applied for an internship. After I had passed the recruitment test, I was allowed to start my internship in August 2019. The 18 days in the training workshop helped me to gain insights into this profession. After that, my wish was clear: to become a mechatronics technician.

With support and motivation to the goal

Since September 3, 2018, I have been training as a mechatronics engineer at TÜV Rheinland. I like this combination because it also makes my training more varied. In addition, all my colleagues are nice and the working atmosphere is usually good. Of course, the atmosphere is tense at times. But you can talk to anyone. My trainer takes care of my exams in good time and is a good contact person for me. There’s always someone you can ask if you don’t know something or haven’t fully understood it yet. Here I learn a lot and we also help each other. Through my genuine interest, my colleagues also have the motivation to teach me something. This way, the training is a lot of fun and you learn the most. My goal: to become an engineer.

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