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Master thesis in the company – unlimited diversity

Master thesis in the company – unlimited diversity

Writing my master’s thesis in the company and gaining work experience at the same time – that’s what I had in mind. But I never thought that TÜV Rheinland Consulting’s programme would be so varied.


Before the Master in the company

After my vocational training as a technical draughtsman, I went back to school to get my vocational diploma. I wanted to study and acquired the qualification for it via evening school. This was followed by a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, which included a internship semester in a company. The decision for a subsequent master’s degree was also made quickly. Looking for a suitable position in a company where I could write my thesis, I came across the TÜV Rheinland Consulting combination programme.


Writing your Master’s thesis in the company + gaining work experience

In January 2019 my combination programme started and I knew that I would work in two different departments for six months each. This fact alone I found ingenious and looked forward to a very versatile time. And that was and still is the case!

In my first phase, I worked in the Center of Integrated Management on internal optimization projects and gained great insights into the area of project management. I conducted interviews, presented tools in meetings and even edited videos for tutorials. It was really so much fun to keep dealing with new topics and expanding one’s pool of experience. From my previous jobs, I was more used to doing things that were often repetitive.

Now I am active in Management Consulting and am dealing with the topic of quality management – something new again. In this business segment we advise companies from all industries, not only with regard to quality issues, but also open up potential for improvement in the form of workshops and recommend possible courses of action. These great tasks teach me a lot and give me an insight into the processes of other companies, which also broadens my horizon.


The final project in my studies – the master thesis

Parallel to my current work, I am now writing my master’s thesis on knowledge management in the context of corporate culture. Another area that I came across through an internal optimization project. Best of all: TÜV Rheinland Consulting even gives me two days a week to intensively work on my thesis. I’m already curious to see what topic I’ll be dealing with at TÜV Rheinland Consulting after completing my studies and the combination programme.

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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich…: ein spannendes Unternehmen mit vielen Herausforderungen. ”
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Regine Gralla-Züge
Leitung Marketing & Kommunikation im Bereich Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste
Celina Schäfer
Auszubildende zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement
Smitha Galla
Thomas Merkert
Ausbilder im Hoga (Hotels und Gaststätten) Bereich im Trainingscenter Potsdam/Bornim
Kerstin Ferber
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Tiffany Wong
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Christian Rudnick
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