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Internship as a Safety Engineer: a fulfilling ride

Internship as a Safety Engineer: a fulfilling ride

As a bachelor student of Pharmaceutical Engineering at the Singapore Institute of Technology, I took part in the Integrated Work Study Program (IWSP), an initiative of my university. Luckily, TUV Rheinland gave me the opportunity to spend this eight-month internship as “Assistant Process Safety Engineer” with the Industrial Services Team. An exciting opportunity, to say the least …


Something different, something new!

I applied for the internship 10 months ago because it was something different. Before TUV Rheinland, I had completed internships at the pharmaceutical plants of Lonza and GlaxoSmithKline. From my course of study program, it seemed natural to believe that I would most probably land myself in a similar environment again.

However, after chancing upon the job description posted by TUV Rheinland, I applied for the job as “Assistant Process Safety Engineer” immediately. This one was different from the other job offers which usually call for site duties to operate the plants. Instead, TUV Rheinland offered an opportunity to provide third-party safety services for the industry.

And the best part: The internship wasn’t limited to the pharmaceutical industry.

So with the hopes of seeing something new and yearning to know more about the role TUV Rheinland plays in the industry, I embarked on this journey with the Industrial Service department.


Learning curve: my case study project




My internship required me to complete a specific “case study project”: I was supposed to shine light on the applications of functional safety in the process industry – with regard to the new workplace safety and health regulations for major hazards installations.

The new regulations were only introduced in September, 2017. I believe that my project will provide some assistance to help the process industry understand the regulations better.

But the journey wasn’t easy as I started off with a blank sheet. At the same time, I was grateful, as it gave me an opportunity to find out crucial information on my own, and I learned to utilize my resources efficiently. From attending presentations to speaking with professionals in the field, I have also improved my understanding of the current situation in the industry.

However, I could not have done it on my own without the patient guidance from my supervisor, Mr. Zhenkang Chen, as well as fellow colleagues who have provided a strong support along the way.


Organizing the “First International Safety Case Symposium”




Amidst self-learning and working on my project, I was also involved in the organization of an event: The First International Safety Case Symposium.

Even with prior experience in organizing events, it was my first time handling such a large-scale event. I was exposed to areas that were new to me and learned new skills that will definitely be useful in the future.

My role here was unrelated to my field of studies – but this unique experience and working with a team of professionals enlightened me greatly, and I gained useful insights in marketing and public relations.


Final Thoughts …

Just when I thought that my job scope would be limited to Functional Safety, my internship at TUV Rheinland opened up other areas of safety to me, like Explosive Protection or even Safety Analysis for Automobile.

I also met people from all parts of the world by visiting clients and interacting with colleagues overseas. Learning from experts and the experiences my colleagues shared with me was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The greatest take-away was not only the knowledge I gained about something I previously had no clue about – it was knowing that my project could benefit the industry by understanding the regulations better. All in all, I appreciate the exposure TUV Rheinland had given me and my learning journey has been a fulfilling ride.

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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich…: Ein sehr guter Arbeitgeber ”
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