Everyone is talking about podcasts. There are also exciting formats on HR topics. I was a guest on one of the best-known German podcasts and talked about IT recruiting at TÜV Rheinland. I’ll tell you what this experience was like for me.

My invitation to the podcast about IT recruiting

Podcasts – one of the most important pieces of media for me. Whether on the way to the supermarket, on a walk or while cleaning up – the protagonists are my constant companions. Their stories and discussions about politics, history, philosophy and psychology always captivate me and make me think. I used to only nod along to the songs of my favorite bands. Today, I nod in agreement with what is being said during a podcast.

There are podcasts on every topic, including HR and recruiting. To keep myself up-to-date in the HR world, I also like to listen to them. The enthusiasm when podcasters and their guests talk about their work in HR really spills over.

I would never have thought that I would get the chance to be part of a podcast myself. And yet it came to pass: Gero Hesse from SAATKORN, one of the best-known German HR podcasts, invited me as a guest to talk about my work as an IT recruiter at TÜV Rheinland. 

The great excitement before the recording

Nervousness was very high before the recording, but during the conversation with Gero it quickly faded away. The initial worries such as “I hope I don’t talk too slurred!”, “What should I talk about?”, “Are my reports even interesting for listeners?” were quickly forgotten. It felt like I was talking to a colleague about our experiences in IT recruiting.

In addition to recruiting processes and recruiting channels, we talked in particular about the collaboration between HR and departments. Gero and I agreed on how important close cooperation between the divisions is for success in (IT) recruiting – and that both parties must be equally involved in the recruiting process.

Gespräch IT-Recruiting

My image of an IT recruiter

I told him that I view my recruiting activities on different levels. For example, I see myself as a sparring partner for our managers, providing advice on questions such as: “Where can I find candidates? “How do I reach my target group?” “Which recruiting channels make sense?”.

On the candidate side, I am a trustworthy contact person for all concerns. And here it doesn’t matter whether they are potential candidates or applicants. I am available for all groups of people with questions.

Why HR and departments should work together

It happens regularly that our IT candidates need specialist information or would like to discuss specialist topics at eye level in job interviews. Even though I’ve been in the IT world for several years, my IT knowledge is far from sufficient to be able to answer these questions appropriately. That’s why it’s important that the specialist department doesn’t withdraw from applicant communication, but that I can involve my colleagues at any time. This close collaboration between the specialist department and Recruiting ensures that our candidates always have the right contact person for their concerns.

Podcast about IT recruiting? Whenever you want!

Looking after my two “customers”, i.e. the department and the candidates, is what makes the job as a recruiter so exciting and versatile for me. Gero Hesse also agreed with me that IT recruiting works through the interlinking of the departments and HR.

Talking about my work on a podcast was an exciting and interesting experience for me – and I’m glad I got this chance.


Franziska Scharpel

Franziska Scharpel


Franziska Scharpel is a recruiter specialized in the IT sector. From cybersecurity experts and consultants for cybersecurity services to specialists for functional safety and operational technology. Software developers and IT project managers also belong to Franziska’s target group. Every morning, the TÜV Tower, which is only two kilometres away, shines a light on the Cologne-based woman. At the same time, she studies business psychology alongside her job. As a real summer person, she is drawn to the Rhine outside in good weather with a psychological thriller book or to the garden for a barbecue with friends and family.

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