Wow, time flies by so fast! My internship at TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. is almost over and I would like to summarize my invaluable experience. If you asked me “What would you do differently within this internship?” My answer would be simple – Nothing. I would not change a thing. This time was shaping, challenging and unforgettable for me. Working at TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. for two months, meeting amazing colleagues who became friends and working on relevant topics of Digital Learning and HR Strategy – honestly, this was the best internship experience I had so far.

Cultural hurdles during an international internship

Cultural differences? Oh yes. Communication hurdles? Yep. Different working styles? Noticeable. Nevertheless, Happy? At 100%. Any challenges I faced and every solution I found was helpful and valuable for my development journey.

Yes, taking the internship offering from the Yokohama office was the best decision I could have made. My colleagues are very respectful, always fun and caring; the atmosphere is great and everyone is interested to share cultural insights from their home country. At TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd., we have 17 different nationalities and this makes the company extremely diverse.

Moreover, I had many chances to step into Japanese traditions and culture. Within my time in Japan, I tried to discover as many things as possible. Sightseeing in the huge metropoles of Japan (Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto);

Pictures about my internship in Japan

I am deeply impressed by the variety of Japan; and, I fell in love with landscapes, traditions, citizens and the debonair relationships between each other. I strongly believe that the cultural mixture is influencing our pleasant work climate and the open communication among each other.

Labour of love: Happiness — Choose Growth over Comfort and you will be more successful and happier

Nowadays, many people preach personal growth as one key element of success and satisfaction. I was aware of this fact; however, I never reflected it back on myself. Whilst in Japan, I realized how much I have grown personally and how happy I became. That would have not happened without the steady support of my colleagues and my responsible manager.

Set new goals and keep dreaming!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can change your universe and I am positive that an internship can foster personal growth tremendously already in early stages of a career. I can only encourage everyone who is reading my report to keep starting over and over again, to never stop dreaming, to accomplish goals and set new ones wherever you stand in life. Take actions, be brave and be authentic to become successful and satisfied. TÜV Rheinland Group is a valuable sparring partner for personal development journeys and I am grateful that I got the chance to experience such an excellent opportunity.

Next stop: Master’s degree

My internship in Japan is ending soon. I will miss my kind Japanese colleagues, their culture and the amazing food. My next step in life will be a focus on my Master’s which I have to finish within next year. Moreover, I am returning to our German headquarters to start a working student job for the global Products team. This is a great opportunity for me to continue working internationally, whilst finishing my studies. Thank you TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. for giving me this outstanding change! I have grown tremendously and could not be more satisfied.

That was it from Japan; I hope you enjoyed the insights and my personal impression of my international internship at TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. If you are also interested in international internships, do not hesitate to check out our job opportunities, ask any questions or contact our Competence Center RecruitingJ. Lastly, I have a last personal wish – Please never stop dreaming and reinventing yourself!

Sincerely, Frederike

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