What awaits candidates who apply for a management position at TÜV Rheinland? Is such an application process different from the “normal” recruitment process for other positions in the company? Are managers actually nervous when they have to answer questions in an interview? In my first career blog post, I would like to talk about these very topics!

First things first: kick-off

When the department announces that it is looking for new management staff, the first step is a kick-off meeting. At this meeting, we work together to develop a requirements profile and important skills that the person should bring to the table – both professionally and personally. We use our TÜV Rheinland competency model to help us here, in which all the leadership skills that are essential to us are mapped. Ideally, we agree on four to a maximum of five critical skills that will guide us through the entire selection process.

In the next step, we recruiters conduct initial interviews with candidates who come closest to our requirements profile (at least according to the paper). In these interviews, we want to get to know the people and get a “feel” for each other – this goes both ways, of course!

Now it gets exciting – the second interview

When all parties have given the thumbs up, the candidates move on to the second interview. And that brings us to my personal favorite part of the application process, because now it’s down to the nitty-gritty! Everything revolves around the exciting question: Does the person have the desired aptitude and skills that are critical for our position? Because only if we have a certain overlap here, or if there is sufficient potential, can the person later be successful and, above all, satisfied in the job. And after all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Everything revolves around the exciting question:

Does the person have the desired aptitude and skills that are critical for our position?

Before the second interview, we ask the candidates to prepare a job-specific task in the form of a presentation. We want them to deal with the future task, the challenges and the opportunities in a very concrete way. Of course, presentation exercises are a great way to determine expressiveness. However, it is even more important to us to find out what the applicants’ expectations and approaches to the position are.

Führungskräfte Recruiting

Online-Assessment – What’s behind it?

In some executive hiring processes, we also conduct a small online assessment before the second interview. This measures cognitive abilities using a business-oriented performance test.

In addition, we use a personality-oriented test procedure that provides conclusions about the expression of various personality traits (“Big 5”). With the latter, there is no right or wrong – every person has different strengths and development potential.

However, it is helpful to become aware of these. If desired, the participant will receive detailed feedback on the test results from us afterwards – regardless of the outcome of the application process. We are trained and certified for these feedback sessions.

How long does the selection process take?

Due to the fact that we have a multi-stage application process and take our time for the evaluations, such a process can sometimes take a little longer. However, we always strive to provide final feedback to candidates within 1-2 weeks after the last interview.

Recently, I was asked if managers, too, are actually nervous before an interview or online assessment. Over the past few years, I have noticed little difference in terms of nervousness – from junior to senior. Job interviews are always special and exciting: You are on the (TÜV) test bench and want to show your best and most competent side. We are aware of this and always strive to make the process pleasant, valuable and on an equal footing for everyone.


Carolin Schockmann

Carolin Schockmann

Personnel Officer Recruiting

Carolin Schockmann specializes in the recruitment of managers at TÜV Rheinland. Since this target group is sought in all business streams, she accompanies the application processes across all divisions. Her favorite topics are competency-based interviewing, aptitude diagnostics and the support of assessment centers. She dealt with these topics early on, including in her final theses for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As soon as the first warmer days of the year arrive, she takes to the lakes and rivers in the area with her stand-up paddle. Even on vacation, the destination that offers the most water sports always wins.

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