During my studies, it became apparent that my career in the certification industry should not be a coincidence. My major is Electronic Engineering. Engineering students usually develop and produce products. But even as a student I had a hard time creating new things and being this kind of creative. Instead, I looked at results and gave ideas such as, “this part should be improved or supplemented in this way”. My natural tendency to want to optimize things fit well in the certification industry. And so I applied at the biggest European certification body: TÜV Rheinland Korea.

A little piece of advice

A tip for your job interview: Confidence is key! I told the interviewer what I knew and let them know I had confidence that I could learn and do anything. After joining, they said: “We felt like you could learn and do anything with passion”. Also I heard I did pretty well at the English interview. I guess I owe that to my internship. My work there was related to interviews and introducing and connecting foreign companies. This way, I naturally became prepared for the English interview. I started that internship to help people, but eventually ended up receiving help. Take every chance to learn something – another good career tip. 🙂

Main tasks as an Electrical Project Manager

It´s already my third year at TÜV Rheinland Korea. In September 2016, I joined the electrical team as a project engineer at TÜV Rheinland Korea Products Department. Product certification is required when exporting and importing products. Each product is tested and certified according to international standards. For us, as an independent third party related to product safety, it is necessary to maintain independence, fairness, and transparency. So that not only our customers but also consumers can trust the certified products. Having an attention to detail is key. Incorrect results or typos in the report can be a problem, so it is important to put in the extra effort to try to write it accurately.

The standards and specifications that apply vary by product or country of export. And the international standards change with product development. For example, with the development of IoT technology data is sent and received in real time through sensors attached to objects. To stay updated, international meetings are held periodically where we can learn about technological changes and share information together.

Ingenieur Elektrotechnik
Ingenieur Elektrotechnik

I really do like my job and can´t stop doing it even in my free-time. I have a habit of alway checking certification marks on products in my daily life, to see what tests have been conducted and where they have been certified, And sometimes I think: This part needs to be corrected. Haha.

Traditional company – more modern than you think

It is overall a very comfortable work environment. When I started I thought the atmosphere would be a bit stiff or vertical – certification, bureaucracy, traditional company, you know. But in reality, it is a horizontal structure. If there is anything I don’t know, I can ask my supervisor for help. We don’t have to worry about taking holidays or getting off work. Thanks to the flexible commuting system, I can work freely between 7 and 9 o’clock, so I can enjoy my leisure time comfortably. A Highlight is the year-end party. We can hang out with our collegues, you can receive prizes and see band performances. Besides that, we also have the oportunity to join in-house clubs. I am a member of ‘Activity’ and ‘Making Class’ clubs. ‘Activity’ includes various leisure activities such as shooting and bowling. ‘Making Class’ is similar to a one-day class. I made various things like soap, watches, candles, and food.

I think it’s important to get yourself involved and work with passion.These days, it’s hard to find a job, so many people feel burdened. Working irresponsibly can be tiring because you are not motivated. So, find something you want to do with ownership and passion.

I wish all job seekers best luck and cheer up!


Min-Woo Lee

Min-Woo Lee


Min-Woo Lee job is: TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification), Electrical Safety Testing, Factory Inspector and Project Manager for safety certification service. His career tip for you is: „Stop hesitating. Join us now if you are interested in the TIC field.“

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