We receive numerous applications every day, which makes us very happy. Some applicants ask themselves how they can stand out from the crowd. We as a company are also asking ourselves: Is the classic application still up to date? That’s why I’m focusing today on the topic of creative applications, what options are available, and how I assess them as a recruiter.

Resume 2.0

Let’s start with the resume. Instead of the traditional resume, some applicants like to submit a timeline or PowerPoint presentation. This can work well and definitely attracts attention. Make sure that all important information is directly visible. Otherwise, it can backfire.

If I, as a recruiter, have to spend five minutes looking through such an application for the information that is important to me, I tend to be annoyed. It is therefore helpful to have friends or relatives look over it before sending it. An outsider is often more likely to notice such points than you are.


Corporate design and applicant website

Another nice idea that I personally like is to pick up the design of the future employer. For example, design the application in a similar color scheme or use small symbols to build a bridge to the company you are applying to.

Some even create their own website. They send the link together with their application or apply exclusively with it. I find this approach very exciting, especially for people who work in the IT sector. It gives applicants the chance to demonstrate their skills directly and present themselves individually.


Creative application trend: video applications

I find video applications particularly exciting. These are becoming more and more popular and could certainly also be interesting for us at TÜV Rheinland. The clear advantage is that we recruiters learn much more about the candidates than just the written information. We see how someone moves, how they speak, and get a lot of information in a very condensed time.

Especially for positions that require a lot of communication, this can be a huge advantage. And you applicants can present yourselves more personally and give us the opportunity to build up sympathy right away.

However, this type of application can certainly be challenging, depending on what personality type you are. Speaking in front of the camera and “presenting yourself” may need to be practiced. Fortunately, you have as many tries as you want and you can upload the video once you’re really satisfied.

Where creativity is limited

Of course, there are also quite crazy ideas. For example, there are people who rent a billboard in their city and “advertise” there that they are looking for a job. This can also lead to success and draw attention to oneself in a very creative way. However, this certainly doesn’t make sense for every position.

You should always consider which job you are applying for and how you can bridge the gap. Not every job requires a creative application. In many areas, such as technical positions, the classic application will also do.


Lisa Melzer

Lisa Melzer

Personnel officer recruiting

Lisa Melzer’s area of expertise as a personnel officer recruiting is the automotive sector. Already during her dual studies at a car dealership, the native of Cologne recruited technicians and engineers. For TÜV Rheinland she is on the lookout for talents in the field of vehicle testing and driver’s license examinations. Besides her passion for traveling, she is a real nature lover and enjoys hiking or spending time in the garden with her dog.

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