Corona: Time for change - career prospect

Corona: Time for change – career prospect

Corona: Time for change – career prospect

In times of corona and social distancing, many people think about their current job situation. Thanks to the newly gained free time – for example, the saved commute to work thanks to the home office – you have a little more time to deal with yourself and your professional ideas. This raises questions such as: Am I satisfied? Does the job still suit me? Does my work still fulfill me?

Is it the right profession for me?

If you answer these questions with a no, the next questions will come up immediately: What is missing in my current job? What do I wish for the future? What career prospects do I have with my employer? How do I want to develop or change?

Whether it is the desire to have more time for family and hobbies in the future, or you want to develop yourself personally and professionally – the possibilities for change and ideas are as varied as they are individual for each and every one of us. For example, in the last few weeks I have often heard from colleagues that due to the current situation they finally have some time to push ahead with their part-time distance learning or even complete it.

Further training – also possible in times of Corona

So why not use the time? There is now a wide range of podcasts with work-related content that you can listen to almost anytime and anywhere. Or who among us hasn’t had a book of specialist literature in the cupboard for ages, for which there simply hasn’t been time. The possibilities are many and varied: How about starting a further training course, for example?

Anyone who now thinks that further training in compliance with the current recommendations for action is not possible during this period is wrong. Even in times of social distancing you can continue your education! Thanks to our Virtual Classrooms, interested parties can continue their education online, follow live lectures, and exchange ideas with trainers and course participants. But we also offer e-learning courses, where you are not tied to a specific location, but also flexible in terms of time. So there really is something for everyone. At the end of our seminars you will of course also receive a certificate of participation. For certain further training courses, you can also take an optional exam, which is documented with a certificate. Whether in the area of occupational health and safety, quality, environment & energy or management –you can find our digital training offers here: TÜV Rheinland Academy – Digital Learning

Be proactive!

One way to get involved in your own company and expand your field of work is to work in project teams or to take on your own small special tasks. Of course this is not possible in every job and company. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to think “out of the box” and share your ideas with your manager.

In our recruiting department, such ideas are encouraged by our boss and it is not uncommon for a small project team to emerge from this, which deals with special topics in addition to the operative business. A great thing, in my opinion. This not only promotes cooperation with team colleagues with whom you normally have perhaps a little less contact, but also helps the department and the company to move forward. Last but not least, it can also increase employee satisfaction if own ideas are accepted and supported.


Zeit für Veränderung im Beruf

Job prospects en masse

The job opportunities at TÜV Rheinland are as varied as our further training offers. In recent months, I have become increasingly specialized in recruiting in the area of occupational health and safety. In addition to doctors, occupational safety specialists and ABO psychologists, I am also looking for occupational medical assistants, case managers in company integration management or commercial employees. However, occupational health and safety is only one of many areas that our company offers. We are also looking for auditors, test engineers, IT employees and much more.

If you decide to change jobs after all, you are welcome to have a look at our career page. In our job exchange we always publish all vacant positions immediately:
Our Job board
If you still need some tips for your application, maybe the articles of my colleague Lisa will help you:
What belongs in an application – tips for the cover letter


Christin Weiß

Author: Christin Weiß

Christin Weiß is recruiting personnel officer in Nuremberg. She specializes in occupational health and safety – the personnel expert recruits doctors, occupational safety specialists, occupational medical assistants, and business talents. Living in Ansbach, she follows the call of the mountains at weekends and on vacation – whether on hut-to-hut hikes in summer or ski tours in winter.

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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein Unternehmen mit vielen Möglichkeiten. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich…: ein spannendes Unternehmen mit vielen Herausforderungen. ”
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