Corona has changed a lot, including the approach to job interviews. Many application processes take place exclusively or at least partially online. What is the best way to prepare for an online job interview and what should you look out for? Our recruiter Lisa will help you with this.

The preparation

Conducting a job interview online can be a bit unusual at first, but with a few simple tricks you can make sure that you are relaxed and can conduct the interview without any problems. Before the interview, you should think about what you’re wearing, just as you would before an on-site interview. It’s still a job interview, so you shouldn’t just sit in front of the camera in your snug sweater. Instead, dress the way you would have on location.

In advance, you can check the invitation to see which video platform will be used for the interview. Make sure that you can use the service; in most cases, you can test in advance whether dialing in works, and most providers offer a browser version of their service in addition to the installed version.

Therefore, check whether everything works without problems, if there should be difficulties, you can take care of a solution early. If the login is not possible at all, contact the person who sent you the link and talk about possible alternatives. When talking to the camera, you should also pay attention to your background. This should be as neutral as possible. If you do not have a neutral background at the location where you are conducting the interview, many providers offer the option of selecting a virtual background.

How do I deal with Internet problems?

Of course, this can happen to anyone, but in general you should try to choose a place for the conversation where problems with the Internet are rare and you have a stable line. If you still have problems with the connection, you should have your phone handy. Many call providers offer the possibility to dial into the call via phone. If this option is not available, you should make sure before the call that you have the contact details of a contact person, so that you can get in touch at short notice if necessary and agree on how to proceed. Otherwise, an online interview will be very similar to an on-site interview.


We have already given a few tips on preparing for a job interview in the past: Preparing for a job interview – expert tips (

Here’s how to make sure nothing stands in the way of your online job interview.


Lisa Melzer

Lisa Melzer

Personnel officer recruiting

Lisa Melzer’s area of expertise as a personnel officer recruiting is the automotive sector. Already during her dual studies at a car dealership, the native of Cologne recruited technicians and engineers. For TÜV Rheinland she is on the lookout for talents in the field of vehicle testing and driver’s license examinations. Besides her passion for traveling, she is a real nature lover and enjoys hiking or spending time in the garden with her dog.

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