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Combination programme for students: internship + thesis

Combination programme for students: internship + thesis

When I began my studies of business administration in Kiel in 2012, I was full of anticipation for the new freedoms that student life brings with it. But one thing was clear to me: I had to get a part-time job! Like many students I received BAföG, but in order to be independent and to have money for the nice things in life like travelling or eating out with friends, I quickly took care of additional income. In my case a temporary job at the gas station.
I didn’t care about what kind of part-time job. I only wanted to earn money and was only at the beginning of my studies, so theoretically I didn’t know anything yet. In retrospect, I think it’s a bit unfortunate that I didn’t decide to look for a part-time job with a study-related practical relevance. Although I had the will to do so, something always intervened: exams, travelling, a semester abroad…

Internship or good grades – the agony of choice?

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, I made up for this in the form of a voluntary internship and noticed for the first time: “Hey, practice is quite different from what is described in theory at university”. In the end the decision for an internship and against immediately starting my Master was good for me. Especially in order to understand what I enjoy professionally and what I don’t. However, I noticed in this internship in the personnel development of a small company in Hamburg as well as during my studies, that as a student you often have to make sacrifices – either in the internship or at university due to the far too high investment of time, which many companies nowadays demand from the interns.

The rescuing interview

I had to experience this myself when I was looking for a company as part of my master’s thesis. Working 40 hours a week and additionally writing 80 pages of thesis in 5 months on the evening and weekends? For most students, it’s certainly hard to get through if they also want to get a good grade. I almost wanted to give up searching until I had the interview at TÜV Rheinland Consulting.

The Idea for the combination programme

After a convincing meeting, I was offered the opportunity to write my thesis together with TÜV Rheinland at full salary, but only 60 percent of the usual working hours. Two days a week I was completely free to do what I want: write my master’s thesis, visit lectures, take exams or do homework. The best thing about it: I was part of the team right from the start and was given responsible tasks. It quickly became clear to everyone that this combination from internship and thesis was a great way to strike a chord with many students. The majority of the students look around early for an interesting job that is compatible with their studies.

In the next blog post I’ll introduce the combination programme to you in more detail and explain how you can apply for the programme. Be curious and register for the newsletter so that you don’t miss the second part!

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