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Business Manager – Lifelong learning as a profession!

Business Manager – Lifelong learning as a profession!

In my blog post I would like to introduce you to my job as a Business Manager at TÜV Rheinland Academy. I’ll tell you why I decided to take this job and what exactly my tasks are. Which skills are important and helpful? What is the team culture like? What challenges do I have to master and what highlights do I enjoy?

Business Manager – a broad field of activity

Almost a year ago, on 1 July 2019 to be precise, I started as a Business Manager in Business Development at TÜV Rheinland Academy. One of the decisive factors for me was the professional, but also very personal application process. I felt very comfortable and welcome during the interviews and the first contacts with employees. This impression has definitely been confirmed to this day and in my opinion it is essential for a better performance both alone and in a team.

Already in the job description I was impressed by the broad range of tasks and the many different roles I have as a business manager. In my job I am a business case creator, business case calculator, cost calculator, market analyst, price developer, networker, communicator as well as product and project manager. These alone are nine interesting and diverse fields of activity!

The activities range from market analyses, conception, and customer meetings to product life cycle management, strategy, and sales responsibility, all of which have to be mastered and brought together smartly. So it never gets boring

My university education in International Cultural and Business Studies helps me in the performance of my duties. During my studies, I have learned to quickly familiarize myself with different subject areas and to create meaningful links and to keep an overview of the “big picture”.

Helpful skills as Business Manager

The challenge is to keep the many balls in the air and not to let yourself get carried away when juggling. A business manager should also have flexibility in her daily business, because plans and appointments change, unexpected customer meetings come in, you have to react to market changes and readjust evaluations and concepts. The Corona pandemic is currently taking this to a very extreme level.

Good organization is therefore important to keep track of a large number of products and multiple projects and not to lose sight of the goal. Creativity and a high willingness to communicate with different interest groups, both internal and external, will definitely help in completing the tasks.

When it comes to business development, it’s especially nice when the contacts made at trade fairs, conferences or other events result in good cooperation with innovative further education programs.


VR beim TÜV Rheinland

TEAM SPIRIT is written in capital letters

Each business manager in the team is largely responsible for his or her own portfolio. In this way, we contribute to the development and expansion of further training courses along the strategically defined objectives and thus to the economic success of the Academy.

Since many further education courses are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, good coordination and cooperation is also required in this area in order to react appropriately to markets and customer needs. In this context, a highlight for me is the very good team culture that exists on both a human and a professional level. This makes working together enjoyable and everyone can rely on each other when completing tasks.

I see a great advantage in the diverse composition of the team in terms of age, gender, and professional experience. The mutual exchange of ideas enables all team members to develop personally and professionally. The high level of team satisfaction was recently confirmed in the internal “Together”- survey.

Lifelong learning as a job!

Since I myself am a great advocate of the concept of lifelong learning and consider the development of further education offers to be meaningful and sustainable, the role of Business Manager is a wonderful match of my competences and values.

So if you enjoy analytical and strategic thinking, developing concepts, creativity, profitability calculations, communication and project work – to name just a few prerequisites – then you are definitely in good hands here and should apply.

It is a colourful and exciting mix, like a bag of Haribo – and grown ups definitely love it so!

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