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Business Internship in Singapore: Out of the Norm

Business Internship in Singapore: Out of the Norm

Studying Business with a specialisation in Marketing in Nanyang Business School (NBS) in Singapore meant interning in places like the Big 4, Hotels and the consumer goods industry. Many students in NBS of the Nanyang Technological University will tend to look for such opportunities in business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, I “for one” started off scouting for internships in such companies too. But today – I am at TÜV Rheinland Singapore, a business-to-business (B2B) company and in the TIC industry.

Different is good!

Specializing in marketing, the first thing that comes to people’s mind would be how B2C companies market their products, organize roadshows and create advertisements. But that’s not everything. The reason why I chose to intern at TÜV Rheinland? Because it was different. I wondered how marketing would be like in a B2B company, how could I apply what I had learned in school to the marketing and communications team and what I can learn from them.
I decided to take up a 6 months internship programme instead of the usual 3 months. So I’m able to learn and experience even more. Despite having to extend my studies for an additional semester, I dare say that I have no regrets on the decision I made.

Dream of an internship

We all have experienced that feeling of finding “the one”. That was me. (And no, I’m not talking about finding a soulmate.) At the very first time I stepped into TÜV Rheinland in Singapore, I have already gotten good vibes. On my first day, everyone was friendly and passionate about the work they do. The team was lively and it felt as though it would be very exciting to work with them. I was really looking forward to my time here with TÜV Rheinland.
I can’t say that I understood everything that was going on, nor that I knew what to expect when I first joined. Despite this, everyone was patient, helpful, and willing to guide me on things that I was new to. I guess this was one of the perks of being the only intern in the team, being able to ask questions and being the only “student” the “teachers” could focus on. I even got one-to-one sessions with them!

Valuable experiences in marketing

What made me love the time here, even more is that I was given opportunities: such as to participate in networking sessions, events, and even got to meet external vendors to better understand how the marketing and communications team operates. These opportunities that I had as an intern are definitely not what I had expected. I was able to finally learn how to use certain marketing tools such as Adobe features like photoshop and video editing. I got to create webinars and the corporate items like the calendar (stay tuned for the APAC/IMEA Year 2020 calendar)! As a marketing student, this was definitely the best take-away ⎯ a hands-on experience that I will be able to bring wherever I go.

Challenges make life interesting

As they say – no one is perfect. I have to admit that I face challenges too. Being the only intern in the department and this being my first business internship, I was feeling doubtful and scared. Unlike the stereotype of a marketing student being loud and outgoing, I was shy and quiet which didn’t help much in my internship journey. Needless to say, everyone was friendly and encouraging. I was soon able to open up. During certain times, I wondered: “Am I doing this right? Is it really this simple?” The answer is: Simply yes. No one will ever give you a work that’s too difficult, but it will still be one that is accomplishable. Even if it’s tough, all I had to do was ask. A simple action but a big take-away.

My tip for your internship: Try TÜV!

Try: Go for it. You’d never know if you don’t try. No matter how it ends. It will always be an experience gained, and never a loss.

Unique: Don’t be afraid of being the only one, the different one. This is what makes you unique, and what makes you stand out.

Value: Have a diary and log down some of the new things you learn every day, and value them. Even on some days when you realize you are doing the same thing again, who knows you might find out something that you didn’t know before!

This is not the end

As this marks the end of the first half of my internship at TÜV Rheinland, I appreciate the opportunities that I was given, which allowed me to contribute to the organization. Despite being a newbie for a short few months, I am thankful for the friendly colleagues and looking forward to every step of the rest of the journey at TÜV Rheinland.

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