Moving through disciplines – from life sciences to chimney sweep to TÜV Rheinland. In my blog post, I tell you how my life has changed several times since my school days.

How I came to study natural sciences

I owe my interest in science to a substitute teacher in 11th grade. His dedication sparked my curiosity for chemistry and biology. At that time, a national school competition on ecotoxicological effects of fumes on plants was the trigger for my determination to study natural sciences. It was the fascination of how small things can do big things – this fascination never stopped.

The first step is the hardest – a detour via training

After my studies in life sciences, the entry into the business world was unfortunately not so easy. A long and futile search later, I decided to train as a chimney sweep. After a nice six years as a chimney sweep, this era unfortunately came to an end when my job was unexpectedly terminated for operational reasons.

While I was looking for a new suitable job, my girlfriend drew my attention to the recruitment ad for metrologists from TÜV Rheinland. Emissions testing of small facilities had been familiar to me through my work as a chimney sweep, but medium-sized and large facilities would be a new challenge. This idea made me very curious and I decided to apply at TÜV Rheinland.

Metrologist for emissions testing at TÜV Rheinland

The sense of camaraderie was already apparent at the interview. I had come here in joyful anticipation and immediately felt very welcome. Getting to know my colleagues at my location in Mainz-Hechtsheim also left a very positive impression. That made it easier for me to get started on what can sometimes be long and tiring days.

The job as an metrologist for emissions testing is a special and very noteworthy task.


Learning by doing

The variety of laws and standards that must be observed, as well as the measurement technology used, make it unique. In addition, there are peculiarities of each facility and direct customer contact.

Emission measurements require a high level of knowledge paired with craftsmanship.

Depending on previous knowledge and learning speed, the training period to learn the skills of emission measurement takes about two years. Training-on-the-job would be the best description.

You acquire a lot through learning by doing, self-study and exchange of experience.

Additional job: Project manager for emissions testing

In the meantime, I am not only on the road as an expert for emissions testing, but also as a project manager. Depending on the measurement task, at least two people must carry out an emission measurement, one of whom must be given responsibility. This person is then in charge of the project.

This includes tasks such as measurement planning – arranging appointments, creating a measurement plan and a measurement announcement, and placing laboratory and material orders. But also performing measurements, evaluating the measurement results and preparing a measurement report are part of the job. Customer acquisition is also very important.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Scientific and technical understanding is very much in demand in this job. We at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH have a high level of exchange of experience, we are cooperative and helpful.

It is the high density of experts with different backgrounds and training that I also benefit from.

The interaction is both personal and factual and always benevolent.

I am constantly developing and familiarizing myself with new tasks on a daily basis. This is only possible because of such a varied job. I am happy to be part of this team and I am excited to see where the journey at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH will take me.


Thomas Singh

Thomas Singh

Project manager for emissions testing

Thomas Singh is a project manager and metrologist for emissions testing. His focus is on emissions testing at power generation plants and of industrial processes. When he is not traveling, he is involved as a youth leader in the volunteer fire department in Mainz-Bretzenheim.

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