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Every opinion counts here – from trainees, students and young professionals to professionals and recruiting professionals. Authentic, open and versatile, they present their view of the working world of the international service group. Here you can see who is writing career blog in TÜV Rheinland:

Abdal Rahman Alawad

Abdal Rahman Alawad | Apprentice as a mechatronics technicians

In the training workshop Abdal completes the mechanical and electronic basic training. He can then apply his knowledge directly in the various operations. My career tip for you is: Change your plan, but never your goal!
Aleksandra Ziegenhan

Aleksandra Ziegenhan | PERSONNEL MARKETING

Aleksandra’s work focuses on organizing, coordinating and supporting the career fairs at which TÜV Rheinland presents itself. She also manages the career channels on social media and is always looking for new authors for the career blog. My career tip for you is: Use your strengths and put them to use in the right company.
Alexander Heppner

Alexander Heppner | Air quality technologist for emissions testing/air quality monitoring

Alexander Heppner is an air quality technologist in the field of emission testing/air quality monitoring. The Bergisch-Gladbach native focuses on emission measurements at small plants. His career tip for you is: Don’t throw in the towel. With routine and experience comes the fun of the challenges of our profession. Even if it can be difficult to get started, it’s worth sticking with it and celebrating success after the first hurdles.

Andreas Geck

Andreas Geck | Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH

Andreas Geck is Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.

Alexander Voss

Alexander Voß | Key Account

Alexander is the first point of contact for commercial queries and supports the sales staff and business unit management with regard to commercial issues of major customers. Parallel to his job he is completing a master’s degree in Finance & Accounting. My career tip for you is: Often you get into difficult situations in your everyday work. It is important not to choose the easiest way every time you make a decision. Because obstacles can be overcome – and in every problem there is a solution, if not always immediately obvious.
Alina Roeder


In addition to her commitment to very different services, Alina is responsible for our personnel management standard “Excellent Employer”. She is also involved in projects, e.g. of the International Paralympic Committee. My career tip for you is: If you notice that you are not challenged enough, encourage and challenge yourself.
Anna-Lena Pirsch


With her work in internal projects at TÜV Rheinland Consulting GmbH, Anna-Lena ensures that the digitization strategy is implemented and anchored in the organization. The spectrum of project topics ranges from the introduction of new IT tools including the corresponding governance to knowledge and quality management. My career tip for you is: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Gaining practical experience early on helps you to get to know yourself and your own professional interests better.
Annika Weisigk


Annika supports the auditors in the central department of TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH as a commercial employee. As an all-rounder in commercial processing, she creates equipment, carries out dispositions, calculates tests, prepares offers and converts them into customer orders when they are concluded. My career tip for you is: Follow your dreams, work hard, don’t take no for an answer.
Arnela Rekic


Arnela assists the recruiters and takes care of all the organizational tasks involved in finding and hiring new employees. Since each recruitment is different from the other, she never gets bored. My career tip for you is: do! And: “The head is round so that thinking can change direction”.
Azamit Aghesa Haile


In Desktop Service, Azamit’s tasks include solving problems with PC systems and providing users with a working computer. In addition, she also performs other versatile tasks, such as developing an SQL database. What she likes about her work is that friendly people from all corners of the world come together and grow together on the daily tasks. My career tip for you is: Despite all difficulties in life – do your best to get the best out of it.
Barbara Rückerl

Barbara Rückerl | Apprentice as chemical laboratory assistant

One of Barbara’s tasks in the laboratory is to determine how much plasticizer, nonylphenol and other harmful substances are contained in the samples. My career tip for you is: Set yourself smaller goals, which you try to achieve bit by bit. Too big ones often make you fail.
Byung-Hyun Park

Byung-Hyun Park | Project Engineer

Byung-Hyuns job is to test the vehicles according to international regulations. In this way, he supports customers in obtaining certification from European authorities so that the vehicle manufacturer can sell its cars on the European market. My career tip for you is: Have the guts. Do not let failure scare you.
Carolin Schockmann

Carolin Schockmann | Personnel Officer Recruiting

Carolin Schockmann specializes in the recruitment of managers at TÜV Rheinland. Since this target group is sought in all business streams, she accompanies the application processes across all divisions. Her favorite topics are competency-based interviewing, aptitude diagnostics and the support of assessment centers. She dealt with these topics early on, including in her final theses for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As soon as the first warmer days of the year arrive, she takes to the lakes and rivers in the area with her stand-up paddle. Even on vacation, the destination that offers the most water sports always wins.
Celina Schäfer

Celina Schäfer | Apprentice as office management clerk

Celina Schäfer is working as an apprentice for office management at TÜV Rheinland.
C. Rudnick

Christian Rudnick | Area Manager Kraftfahrt

Christian is area manager in Leverkusen at TÜV Rheinland Kraftfahrt GmbH. In addition to take care of his strategic tasks, having responsibility for employees and handling customer service, he continues to examine vehicles himself, carries out modification acceptances, modification assessments, individual acceptances and driver’s license tests. This ensures that he never loses touch with the company’s core business. When he is not working for TÜV Rheinland, he likes to spend plenty of time with his family – either in the garden or “on the road” with their trailer. “Should my family not have time either, I am busy with gradually setting up a smart home infrastructure at our house.” My career tip for you is: Don’t demand a march from others if you don’t have blisters on your feet yourself.
Denise Rademacher

Denise Radermacher | working student

Denise Radermacher is a working student at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH in Mainz-Hechtsheim. In her job she assists in the installation, dismantling and implementation of environmental measurement techniques. It is important to her that the earth is preserved for as long as possible. An important aspect of this is the industry and that is why she became aware of the work at TÜV Rheinland in the field of environmental measurement technology. The Master’s student of environmental science enjoys spending her free time outdoors in nature, cooking with good food, reading a book or meeting friends.
My career tip for you is: Take a chance! It is often worth taking the initiative and simply taking the first step. Who knows which doors will still open in the future.
Dennis Höhn

Dennis Höhn | working student at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH

Dennis Höhn is a working student at TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH and lives in Rüsselsheim am Main, the birthplace of the car manufacturer Opel. His tasks include carrying out emission measurements and functional tests and calibrating emission measuring equipment. In his free time he enjoys sports – he is an avid runner and has been playing field hockey for almost two decades. His career tip is also his life motto and reads: Only those who swim against the current can reach the source. Remember: dead fish drift to the sea.
Franziska Weiser

Franziska Weiser | Junior Consultant

Franziska Weiser is a Junior Consultant responsible for the optimisation of operations and maintenance in the Mobility – Rail division.

Hee-Rim Hwang

Hee-Rim Hwang | Student

Hee-Rim Hwang is a student of Seoul Women’s University, majoring in German Language and Literature. She was a summer intern for TÜV Rheinland Korea. Music, Photography, Passion. These are three words that can explain her. She likes to share songs that she likes and photos taken by herself on her Instagram and blog. Most of all, she has successfully finished her Internship with her passion and is ready to start her carrier.

I. Culmey

Inès Culmey | Social Media Manager

At work, Inès analyses everything that TÜV Rheinland reveals on the WWW and Social Net. At home, she keeps her children in the picture. Because her son and daughter always come first. When she has time for herself, she enjoys French films or meets with friends. My career tip for you is: “Do good and talk about it” – a motto which we also realize in the newsroom with great pleasure every day through a variety of channels.
Jessica Koslowski

Jessica Koslowski | Apprentice as office management clerk

Jessica sees her education as an opportunity to learn about the professional world. In her daily work she has to be flexible to new teams and willing to learn something new all the time. My career tip for you is: Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done.
Katrin Petzold

Katrin Petzold | Customer advisor

Katrin Petzold is a customer advisor in Lauchhammer. Her work focuses on cooperation with the Verbundausbildung service center. In her free time, she can often be found in her garden at home where she looks after her own bees as well as the plants. But hiking, cooking or reading a good book also provide a balance to her daily work routine. Her career tip for you is: Seize the opportunity!

Kevin Perz

Kevin Perz | Trainee in Engineering Service

Kevin’s main task is to work on various optimization projects in the central management staff unit. In current projects, he and his team are pursuing, among other things, the goal of making work more pleasant and efficient for the employees in the specialist departments through organizational and technical measures. My career tip for you is: Be yourself and don’t shy away from big challenges.
Kutaiba Brghol

Kutaiba Brghol | Mechatronics Apprentice

Kutaiba Brghol fled from Syria to Germany in 2016. After completing his language and entry qualification, he has been an apprentice mechatronics technician at TÜV Rheinland since summer 2018. Good food is important and nobody cooks as well as Mom. My career tip for you is: No one is born a master.
Lai Yin Chew

Lai Yin Chew | Marketing Intern

At TÜV Rheinland Singapore Lai Yin supports the APAC IMEA regional team in maintaining the Business Intelligence Hub, researches information for Business Intelligence projects and reviews and develops marketing material. My career tip for you is: If you’re unsure of what to do, take your time to decide. But you should take a step on something, so at least you know you’re trying.
Laura Inga Gaida

Laura Inga Gaida | Senior Project Manager for Corporate Health Management

Laura’s job is to promote health in companies. The Düsseldorferin supports customers to develop or extend their operational health management and implements thereby also health-promoting offers, which are always “Exactly. Right.”. My career tip for you is: Healthy communication is everything! How to do that!? Through attentiveness, appreciation and self-reflection.
Laura Müller

Laura Müller | Globald HR Process Development

The goal of Laura’s work is to transform the tasks with legal character into a customer-oriented cooperation. This also includes responding to individual customer requests, offering goal-oriented solutions and alternatives without leaving the legal framework and showing openness for new ideas. According to Laura, commitment and experience are the key to success. My career tip for you is: Always keep your ears open and exchange ideas with many different people in order to broaden your own horizon and discover new possibilities.
Macey Saavedra

Macey Saavedra | Marketing Executive

Macey Saavedra works as Marketing Executive at TÜV Rheinland Philippines Inc., which is located in the capital Manila. After having worked for years in the journalism and publication business, she joined the organization in 2014. And to date, she loves the challenge. Currently, Macey fills in two functions: as a local communications officer for the Philippines and as a local marketer for the Business Stream Academy in the Asia Pacific region. In both positions she is required to communicate with a large variety of people: clients, partners, media, stakeholders, and TUV Rheinland colleagues from different parts of the world.
Marco Weber

Marco Weber | Instructor for mechatronics technicians

Marco’s job is to introduce young people to the working world. In doing so, he conveys and deepens professional, social and also personal skills with them. His core activity is to promote the trainees’ professional ability to act. My career tip for you is: Nothing comes from nothing.
Maren Jurczyk

Maren Jurczyk | Business Manager

Marens area of responsibility is completely under the motto: Lifelong learning. She builds up cooperations in the area of further education and expands the further education portfolio. My career tip for you is: Networking!
Mario Antony

Mario Antony | Expert for motor vehicle traffic

Mario’s main focus is on fulfilling the often legally established requirements and tasks while at the same time responding individually to customer wishes. Offering suggestions for solutions and alternatives, a customer-oriented cooperation as well as commitment and experience are goal-oriented for him. In his free time he likes to work on his own house, go for a ride on his bike or spend time with his daughter. My career tip for you is: Always keep your ears open and exchange ideas with many different people to broaden your horizon and discover new possibilities.
Melanie Schubert

Melanie Schubert | Regulatory & Product Compliance Consultant

Melanie’s main task is to prepare and explain to customers the legal requirements for their products in specific markets. This requires constant monitoring of legal developments, coordination of interpretation with colleagues worldwide and a technical understanding of what kind of products actually present a risk. From her location in Atlanta (USA), she regularly travels on business. On the one hand to meet customers in person and on the other hand to visit trade fairs and seminars. My career tip for you is: always give your best, be open to the perspectives of others and to the opportunities to learn from others. Do what you do with pleasure.
Michaela Kalb

Michaela Kalb | Communication Manager

Michaela Kalb is the editor responsible for internal communications at TÜV Rheinland. Her task is to research exciting topics within the company and to prepare them editorially for the internal communication channels. My career tip for you is: “It is more promising to build on your strengths than to work on your weaknesses all the time.”
Nataly Theile

Nataly Theile | Apprentice as office management clerk

Nataly sees TÜV Rheinland as a chance for a good start into professional life and tries to take as much knowledge as possible with her during the practical phases in the different departments. My career tip for you is: Be open to new things and take on challenges.
Nina Weiner


Nina Weiner’s job is to account for the experts in the field of pressure equipment and plant engineering. She also prepares certificates and test reports. My career tip for you is: “If you don’t dare, you won’t win.”
Norbert Tesch

Norbert Tesch | Chief Information Security Officer

Norbert Tesch is Chief Information Security Officer at the IT Security in Siegburg. The family man enjoys sports in his free time. Running is his greatest hobby and a good counterbalance to his work.

Philipp Schräder | STUDENT ASSISTANT

Philipp´s job is to support the employees in the plastics technology department. His job consists mainly of laboratory activities. My career tip for you is: You should never pretend and always show yourself as you are. This is the only way to find out right from the start what you like and where you don’t real
Renjith Gopalakrishnan

Renjith Gopalakrishnan | General Manager – Operations

In Kochi, India Renjiths job is to strategize, manage employee tasks, develop Markets, analyze Competition and to inspire people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. My career tip for you is: It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
Dr. med. Rüdiger Trapp

Dr. med. Rüdiger Trapp | Specialist in occupational medicine and medical employee of AMD TÜV Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste GmbH

Dr. Rüdiger Trapp, retired colonel (medical corps), is a specialist in occupational medicine and a medical employee of AMD TÜV Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste GmbH. As a company physician, he looks after companies and institutions in a wide range of industries and sectors. Incorporating all relevant company stakeholders into a proactive and sustainable health management system is particularly dear to him. He has two grown-up children, lives in Bad Kreuznach and is also privately creative, especially in the field of musical composition.
S. Stark

Sarah Stark | Industrial Service

Sarah been in Japan for so long she has to count the years when asked how long it has been. During work-hours, she uses her many languages arranging inspections all around the globe. After work, she rides home on packed trains to work on her PhD – in total spending far too much time starring at computer screens. She lets off steam by watching comedy shows and movies. My career tip for you is: Don’t be afraid to speak out and take risks.
Sebastian Rösch

Sebastian Rösch | Expert for toy testing and laboratory manager

Sebastian Rösch is an expert for toy testing and laboratory manager in Nuremberg.
Simon Benkert

Simon Benkert | SAP Senior Application Developer

Simon is responsible for all SAP-related issues in South America. These can be legal changes or simple change requests from users. He also supports the coordination of the strategic goals of global IT to roll out certain SAP processes in South America, such as IPMS or MM. Furthermore, Simon is globally responsible for the roll outs of the IPMS process for the SAP module SD, supports the business unit products during the implementation and is the contact person for tasks that are pending before and during a roll out. My career tip for you is: Demand from your boss what you want to achieve and set clear goals for it!
Simone Wiche

Simone Wiche | Teamlead Recruiting

Simone Wiche is one of four technical team leaders in the TÜV Rheinland recruiting team. Her focus is on the target group of technicians and engineers. In her free time, variety is important to the Düsseldorf native – whether it’s short weekend trips, long-distance travels or sporting activities such as running, hiking, jumping or dancing. Cuddling on the couch with her cat and a good book or an exciting series are also important. Her career tip for you is: Life is too short for “one day”.

Simone Zanfrini

Simone Zanfrini | Project Coordinator HR Development & Diversity

Simone’s job is to establish a Digital Learning Campus at TÜV Rheinland in order to impart a uniform standard knowledge on essential topics such as legal or business management basics. In doing so, she and her team pursue a blended learning approach. My career tip for you is: “If you have a goal, you have to start getting on your way (doing, not talking).
Smitha Galla

Smitha Galla | LOCAL OFFICER – HUMAN RESOURCES & Regional Business Partner – Compensation & Benefits, IMEA

Smithas Job is about activities that have a meaningful impact on employees’ lives. It takes care of personnel and their training for TÜV Rheinland India and ensures that these matters are in conformity with the law. She believes that patience and courtesy are most needed when it comes to coordinating employee performance reviews and managing complaints. My career tip for you is: It is always important to have one foot firmly on the ground to follow your passions and interests. Just because a job looks like a great opportunity at the moment, doesn’t mean it’s going to fit in the future. Choose a career that supports your curiosity and makes a difference in your long-term happiness. Never leave anything to chance, grab and take control of every opportunity in life.
Susanne Dunschen

Susanne Dunschen | Senior Associate CSR

Susanne sees TÜV Rheinland as a versatile, international employer with a sense of purpose and collegial cohesion. And she needs to know, because her job is to (further) develop and implement TÜV Rheinland’s sustainability strategy. My career tip for you is: “I have not failed. I’ve only found 10,000 ways in which something doesn’t work. (Thomas A. Edison). So: Keep at it, learn from mistakes, don’t take yourself too seriously.
Thomas Külsen


Thomas Job is to pass on his experience. After training as an energy electronics technician, passing the master craftsman’s examination, studying mechanical engineering and gaining more than 25 years of professional experience, he is happy to pass on his knowledge to his young colleagues, to be able to impart values to them – and thus make a contribution to the future of TÜV Rheinland. My career tip for you is: Just do it! Get started! Do it now! Everything begins with a first small step, but you have to take it and not just talk about it.
Thomas Merkert

Thomas Merkert | INSTRUCTOR

Thomas has been working as a trainer in the HOGA sector since 2005. His main focus is the training of young people in BaE Rehab, BvB and retraining in the kitchen area. In addition, he is a member of the divisional works council for the North and a volunteer member of the examination board of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. My career tip for you is: Do your job well and fulfill your tasks reliably.
Thomas Singh

Thomas Singh | Project manager for emissions testing

Thomas Singh is a project manager and metrologist for emissions testing. His focus is on emissions testing at power generation plants and of industrial processes. When he is not traveling, he is involved as a youth leader in the volunteer fire department in Mainz-Bretzenheim.
Thorsten Noll

Thorsten Noll | Head of Technical Instructions on Air Quality (TA-Luft) and IED Systems in the Immission Control Department at TÜV Rheinland Energy

Thorsten Noll is Head of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) and IED Systems Business Unit in the Immission Control Department at TÜV Rheinland Energy. The focus is on emission monitoring of industrial plants. He lives in Woldert-Hilgert in the nearby Westerwald region and enjoys spending time in the countryside, where he is also privately involved in nature conservation and environmental protection. However, he is also regularly drawn to the road to go on a tour on his motorcycle. His career tip for you is: be determined, take on challenges, be open to change and always think positively!
Tiffany Wong

Tiffany Wong | Market Access Services Compliance Specialist

From Irvine (USA), Tiffany manages various certification projects for countries outside the United States/Canada and Europe. She and her team help clients obtain their “certifications” in order for them to market their products in the worldwide market. Tiffany says it’s like a visa, but for products instead. My career tip for you is: Be a sponge and absorb everything that comes along your way. There will always be new things to learn and it is important to be able to adapt to changes as we progress through our jobs.
Tobias Ricke

Tobias Ricke | Senior Consulter

Tobias job is to work with cross-departmental teams to make existing processes more efficient and to accompany projects from the conception phase to successful implementation. My career tip for you is: “At TÜV Rheinland, there are many initiatives to expand your network. Therefore, my tip is to take advantage of networking opportunities and network in a versatile way with colleagues from different business areas.
Vanessa Henrichs


Vanessa’s main focus is to supervise and support the HR department including trainees. This includes topics such as travel expenses, time management or ordering. My career tip for you is: No guts, no glory.
Viktoriya Huziy

Viktoriya Huziy | Student

Viktoriyas Job is the editing, processing and maintenance of the company’s own specialist terminology as well as the maintenance of the company’s internal translation tool TÜVTranslate. My career tip for all students who would like to combine theory and practice: “If you are about to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and are looking for practical experience – do not research until you have completed an internship in a company where you can apply your theoretical knowledge. And while you’re at it, see what you enjoy most about your work in the company and what could possibly be the topic of your thesis.
Wolfgang Schwarz-Heim


In addition to his leadership role and the diverse areas of responsibility as Business Process Manager, Wolfgang values the opportunity to work with colleagues across national borders on exciting projects.

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