If you have been working for a company for a long time, writing an application is often a hurdle. As an experienced professional, you have been “out of the loop” for a while and sometimes don’t even know where to start. Here are a few tips for applying with work experience.

The application with work experience

First things first – the first step for all applicants with work experience is, of course, the application itself. I have already written articles with tips for you on how the application documents should best be structured (part one and part two). I will briefly summarize the most important points here:

  • A chronological resume: Always remember that the interviewer does not know you and wants to know the important information about you as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best to write your resume chronologically from new to old, starting with your current position.
  • An employer-oriented cover letter: In your cover letter, you can shine with the experience you’ve already gained. Here you should make sure to link your experience with what is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Preparing for the interview

After the application comes the next step: the interview. There are certain things that you can prepare for. Before the interview, you should think about the following:

  • What are important criteria for me in a new job?
  • What do I need to be happy?
  • Is there anything I’m willing to sacrifice or cut back?

For example, if the commute is significantly shorter, could I cut back on salary?If the tasks in the new position are more appealing, do I need the same amount of staff responsibility? Would it be worth it to me to have more or fewer hours than I currently do? You will receive the relevant information in the interview, but it is useful to think about it for yourself in advance.

Bewerbungsgespräch mit Berufserfahrung

Standing out in the job interview with professional experience

In the interview, you will certainly be asked about your previous positions. So be prepared to describe your career and always explain the tasks that go with it.

Feel free to ask questions during the interview, try to find out the differences between your current position and the potential new one, and be open about what would be new for you.

We recruiters expect a person with professional experience in the interview to have considerable expertise and to be able to emphasize his or her advantages. Therefore, the questions can also be more in-depth. This is not intended to cause any uncertainty, but simply to paint as accurate a picture of you as possible.

Applying with professional experience – a complete success

In the end, it’s an application process on both sides – ask questions if you don’t understand something or if something is unclear. Once both sides have decided in favor of each other, the only thing left to do is the initial training. Depending on your professional experience, the training period can be shortened accordingly. But this depends on the previous experience and the individual.

So don’t be shy and take the step of applying!


Lisa Melzer

Lisa Melzer

Personnel officer recruiting

Lisa Melzer’s area of expertise as a personnel officer recruiting is the automotive sector. Already during her dual studies at a car dealership, the native of Cologne recruited technicians and engineers. For TÜV Rheinland she is on the lookout for talents in the field of vehicle testing and driver’s license examinations. Besides her passion for traveling, she is a real nature lover and enjoys hiking or spending time in the garden with her dog.

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