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Alexander Voß

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Commercial key account manager (Key Account)

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For me, TÜV Rheinland is …

… reliability, flexibility and quality! An employer that promotes comprehensive development and offers numerous opportunities.

My job is …

I work as a commercial key account manager in Berlin and am the first contact person for commercial queries. Furthermore, I support the sales staff and business unit managers with regard to commercial issues in connection with key accounts. At the same time, I am completing a Master’s degree in Finance & Accounting, which enables me to combine theory and practice.

My career tip for you is:

Often you find yourself in difficult situations at work. It is important not to choose the easiest way for every decision. Because obstacles can be overcome – and in every problem there is a solution, if not always immediately obvious.

I’d even skip a really good meal for that:

For a trip around the world …

What sentence (quotation, saying, motto) has the philosopher always wanted to get rid of in you?

“I don’t know a sure way to success, but I know a sure way to failure: Wanting to please everyone.” (Plato)


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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein international aufgestellter, unabhängiger Dienstleister, der die Sicherheit im Zusammenspiel zwischen Technik, Mensch und Umwelt auf einem hohen Niveau hält. Eine starke Marke. ”
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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich mein Arbeitgeber und er stellt mir die finanziellen Mittel meine Wünsche zu erfüllen. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein starkes Unternehmen mit sehr vielen Möglichkeiten. ”
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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich…: Der Einstieg in die Arbeitswelt ”
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“ To me, TUV Rheinland is a host of global technical competency, and a symbol of safety and security. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ... mein zu Hause. ”
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Backoffice-Mitarbeiterin im Competence Center Recruitment
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Barbara Rückerl
Auszubildende als Chemielaborantin
Min-Woo Lee
Giang Nguyen
Coordinator, Industrial Services and Mobility
Andy Fuchs
Teamleiter Personalmarketing

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