Social media has long been more than just a platform for communicating and interacting with friends and colleagues. We spend several hours a day on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like to exchange, network or simply let ourselves be “sprinkled” with content. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without these channels.

Corporate presence online: An advantage for all!

A place where masses of people gather virtually and are open to information offers companies a good recruiting platform to fill vacancies. They help to enter into a direct exchange with potential candidates and to advertise themselves as employers. It is no longer a secret that companies use social media to draw attention to themselves and find new employees.

As a follower you profit from this. The company presence on social media channels enables a virtual open day. Previously, this was only available on a selected date of the year, but thanks to social media, this is now possible 24/7. By posting photos, videos, and blog entries, you can take a look behind the scenes and gain numerous insights into the company. How is the culture lived? What does the working environment look like? Who are the employees? Social media appearances offer you the opportunity to get to know your future employer, your new colleagues, and their working methods.

How to approach recruiters on social media

It is impossible to reflect an entire organization in images or posts on social media. Especially when the working world is as diverse as that of TÜV Rheinland. Fortunately, social media also offers a solution for this: getting in touch with recruiters.

All recruiters at TÜV Rheinland have an account on XING or LinkedIn or both. If you have any questions, you can contact the recruiters directly to get details about the job, the application process or other information. Don’t be afraid. We are looking forward to exchanging ideas!

We recruiters are aware that the use of social networks is mainly private. It is therefore perfectly okay if the contact is less formal. However, you should keep in mind that this is not an exchange between friends. A friendly greeting and goodbye are always welcome. A simple “Do you have a job for me?” without saying “Hello” or “Best regards” seems clumsy and not very professional. Sounds obvious, but I have already experienced quite a bit in my career as a recruiter.

Active Sourcing – how companies apply to you

What social media channels are used for as well: Have you heard about Active Sourcing? In short, it is a direct approach to candidates via social media channels to make them aware of vacancies and to fill them. Based on your profile data, such as education, career, interests, knowledge, etc., we offer you a job opportunity with us. In the past, you were responsible for the job search alone and had to approach companies. Nowadays, companies are approaching you as well. 

The more detailed your profile information is, the more precisely we can suggest our jobs to you. If you would like to be approached, you should keep your profile as up-to-date as possible: describe your knowledge, experience, interests and the job environment in which you would like to work. Most business-focused platforms like LinkedIn or XING offer the possibility to mark yourself as “open for job requests”. You should take advantage of this opportunity, because you will be displayed faster and will not get lost in a long list of possible candidates.

You can imagine the principle like a Google search: The first pages are the most visited ones. Recruiter search lists work the same way. Here you want to appear on the first pages, if you are open for inquiries. This tag will help you.

Too many job requests in your mailbox? Here’s why

You are not looking for a job and you have noted this in your profile, but you still receive requests from recruiters? That can be quite annoying, I know. I apologize on behalf of all recruiters. But why are we doing this? History shows: If users mark themselves as “not interested in job offers”, it happens again and again that they are open for inquiries with the “right” job offer. The right job offer can be a specific position, a location that fits the planned move, or the dream employer for whom one has always wanted to work. And then “I’m annoyed by all the inquiries!” turns into “Good that I was contacted”. So please forgive us recruiters when we contact you even though you are not interested in inquiries. Maybe an exciting new job will land in your mailbox, even though you haven’t thought about changing jobs. 

Social Media Recruiting – thumbs up! 👍

Social media makes job searches very convenient for you. You learn a lot more about a company and can use the impressions gained to make a decision whether or not the company is a good employer for you. In addition, you can quickly and easily arrange an interview with a recruiter to clarify important questions in advance.

Have a look at our company profile on LinkedIn or XING to learn more about the TÜV Rheinland world.


Franziska Scharpel

Franziska Scharpel


Franziska Scharpel is a recruiter specialized in the IT sector. From cybersecurity experts and consultants for cybersecurity services to specialists for functional safety and operational technology. Software developers and IT project managers also belong to Franziska’s target group. Every morning, the TÜV Tower, which is only two kilometres away, shines a light on the Cologne-based woman. At the same time, she studies business psychology alongside her job. As a real summer person, she is drawn to the Rhine outside in good weather with a psychological thriller book or to the garden for a barbecue with friends and family.

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