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Is TUV Rheinland a purely German institution? Absolutely not. We run subsidiaries in 70 countries on all continents, and our offices, facilities and experts can be found around the world. That figures, since the need for quality and safety is just as global.

Working internationally: Collaboration is the answer

Working internationally: Collaboration is the answer

After Work | Viktoria Atherley, 13-03-2018

In my past 1.5 years as a Social Media Manager at TÜV Rheinland, I quickly learned that working with colleagues from all over the world would be everyday business. Our weekly English lessons therefore are quite helpful to keep the business vocabulary in our minds.

At the Learning Curve in the Philippines

At the Learning Curve in the Philippines

Around the World | Gastautor, 20-02-2018

One of the greatest surprises of joining an industry you don’t know much about is this: the abundance of knowledge sitting there, just waiting to be learned, and the opportunities before you waiting to be explored. These are exactly what I have been reaping since 2014, which is the year I joined the TUV Rheinland Marketing team in the Philippines, located in the capital Manila.

Your look – how important is it in the workplace?

Your look – how important is it in the workplace?

Around the World | Felix Surya, 21-11-2017

Someone nudged me excitedly on a weekday morning: “Look, the penguins are out!” At the very least, I was expecting to see the crew of ‘Penguins of Madagascar: The Musical’ in the street. It turned out that the “penguins” were a bunch of people wearing black business pants and white business shirts, some with business jacket to match the pants, waddling through the crowd to do their business.

Diversity – the virtues of a multicultural team

Diversity – the virtues of a multicultural team

Around the World | Giang Nguyen, 07-11-2017

When I joined TUV Rheinland in Singapore – the land of multiracial harmony – three years ago, little did I know that my team would be so diverse in so many ways. Our lunch talks never run out of fascinating topics. I come to work every day looking forward to lunchtime. No, not (just) for food, but for new knowledge and worldviews.


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“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich eine tägliche Herausforderung an der ich nur wachsen kann. ”
“ To me, TUV Rheinland is a host of global technical competency, and a symbol of safety and security. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich…: Ein sehr guter Arbeitgeber ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich Teamgeist und offener Austausch unter Kollegen und Vorgesetzten. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich die Möglichkeit Andere von einem gesunden Lebensstil zu überzeugen. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein Unternehmen mit vielen Möglichkeiten. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein interessanter Arbeitgeber. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich ein sicherer Arbeitgeber mit starken Arbeitnehmerrechten. ”
“ TÜV Rheinland ist für mich nie langweilig und sehr abwechslungsreich. ”
“ To me, TUV Rheinland is the ultimate German company to work for. People are not politically correct, but they are technically correct (the best kind of correct); they come to work punctually, end meetings on the dot, and submit work on time; plus, people here have a healthy sense of humor. What else is there to ask for in a workplace? ”
  • Iris Seifert
  • Giang Nguyen
  • Judith Ludwig
  • Simon Benkert
  • Manuela Süß
  • Daniel Winter
  • Franziska Weiser
  • Gero Fürstenberg-Schröder
  • Anja Paffen
  • Felix Surya
Iris Seifert
Regionalbereichsassistenz und Weiterbildungsbeauftragte im Bereich Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste
Giang Nguyen
Coordinator, Industrial Services and Mobility
Judith Ludwig
Simon Benkert
SAP Senior Application Developer/SAP Application Manager South America
Manuela Süß
Daniel Winter
Teamkoordinator im Bereich Electrical / Produkte und Projektleiter in einem vom Bund geförderten Forschungsprojekt GIGA PV (Photovoltaik)
Franziska Weiser
Junior Consultant, Optimierung von Betrieb und Instandhaltung im Bereich Mobility - Rail
Gero Fürstenberg-Schröder
Vertragsjurist, Experte für öffentliche Fördervorhaben
Anja Paffen
Social Media und Teamassistenz im Bereich Corporate PR & Social Media
Felix Surya
Assistant Marketing Manager (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia)

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